Monday, August 14, 2017


I heard those words recently and it has not left me.. my conversation with the person that said those words was centered on using his gift as a speaker. He saw me compere an event and said he has always loved to do that and I asked why he wasn't doing it.. he said he started but stopped and now wished he had continued. . He still has opportunities to speak but not as he should.. so to him since he didn't use that speaking gift when he should have.. he lost it!

Our conversation ended on the note that I encouraged him that it was never too late to live his dreams and gave him examples that encouraged him to start speaking again.

Afterwards, my conversation with this dear man, got me thinking as i could relate it to the parable of talents in the book of Matthew in the Bible.

Matthew chapter 25:14-30 has a thought provoking story of three men given talents or bags of gold by their master. While two traded with theirs, one hid his and eventually lost it and that is a typical example of Use it or lose it!

How many of us have lost things that should have benefitted us and our world because we were too afraid to use it?

How many of us have lost relationships because we refuse to learn how to use our mouth to speak well and be blessing to others?

How many of us are losing our marriages because we have failed to use our minds to imagine great things about ourselves and spouses plus use our mouths to speak right words while appreciating the good in ourselves? How many of us are losing our children because of the harsh words we use on them?

Its time for a self check...What are you losing because you are not using it? It's time to step up and use what God has blessed you with so you don't lose it..

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