Thursday, June 8, 2017

Why Sit Here and Die?

I was doing my chores this morning, getting breakfast ready for my children when this words " why sit here and die " came to my heart.. I knew it was words I have heard from the Bible about the four lepers. I settled down to look for the portion of scripture where the exact words were after my children left for school and found it in 2 Kings 7. Interesting read and so many lessons to learn from 2 Kings 7. 
The lepers story started from verse 3. As lepers they were outside the gate of the city and they asked themselves why do we sit here and die? They contemplated on what to do faced with death on every side but they made a choice to go forward any how... interestingly for some days now.. I have been pondering on the words.. not making a decision is a decision!! You must make decisions daily.. what decisions are you making to enjoy the kind of life you desire to live? 
What decisions do you have to make? What words have been spoken that you are still procrastinating over ? That portion of scripture has a lot to say about us as human beings.. beyond the lepers was the words of Elisha declaring surplus food and a man that was an expert on economic matters saying what Elisha said is not possible.. I am beginning to know "experts" can be wrong when you line up their "expert" advice against God's words.. God's words are true when we believe and when we also believe true Prophets.
So many things to learn but I saw action being taken.. those lepers acted on their thoughts and made moves.. as they did, facing the camp of the Syrians.. verse 6 has an interesting angle to the story.. wow.. God is no one's mate!!! The lepers entered the camp and met it empty with enough to eat and drink.. they did eat and drink.. but wait for this. .. they went beyond and in verse 9 of 2 Kings 7, they told themselves we are not doing right.. let's go share the good news... this is another message to ponder on.
Read further and you will see unbelief even by the king but he gave instructions and finally all the prophet said became reality and the "expert" did not partake in it sadly as was spoken by the prophet Elisha. I honestly don't know who this words are for but please go read the portion of scripture and make a move.. stop sitting down and waiting till the worst happens. . Make a move.. knock on doors, write your proposal, do what is humanly possible to do and then do it Matthew 7:7-11 way.. do the needful. . A.S.K... ask, seek, knock and persist in calling on divine and human help.. I am sure you will testify eventually.. don't forget to share with me your testimony.
If this bless you , kindly share forward to bless others. @BridgetElesin I am still reading and Chapter 8 of 2Kings is making me shout in the spirit.. lol.. God is in control. It's time to read the word of God, live it and see it manifest! Jesus Christ is Lord!!!
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