Monday, January 2, 2017

My year 2016 In Review

I had an amazing year in every way; God showed up in so many ways for my family and I. I am full of thanks to God that the challenges that I went through in 2016 did not make me bitter but rather made me better in every way. My big lesson for 2016 was on relationship which interestingly is my essence. My core purpose on earth is centered on relationship and connecting people. So I learnt a lot from relationships around me this year.. In year 2016, I was forced to pay attention to my relationships. Here are the categories of relationships I identified.

  1.  Destiny helpers - This set of people will do everything to see you become all God had created you to be. Some of my destiny helpers showed up at various points in my life when I needed in 2016. This set of people come at different seasons in your life. Their reward for all they do is to see you live out God's purpose for your life. They are on your case and most are not sentimental. They can be judged as being mean and demanding when they push you to give your best. They have your time and demand the best from you per time. They do not play God in your life but they are the real deal when it comes to helping you live the life God has destined for you. Thanks to all my destiny helpers; those that pray me up, encourage me publicly or privately and those that have done everything to make me be a better person in every way. 2016 was great because you all did your part in ensuring I lived life to the glory of God's name. May the God I serve reward you all for me.
  2.  Encouragers ; They are close associates, they know you well and have high regards for who you are and what you do. They know your faults but they see your good instead and ensure they help you in every way to be better. They speak well of you and do everything within their power to help you live well. To all my encouragers I say thank you for a beautiful gone year; for praying me up, serving to make my life easy in every way, I say may God bless and encourage you in every way you need encouragement.
  3. Users - These set of people come around you for what they can get for themselves, they want to be seen around you for their benefit.They don't care about you or your family but care about what they can get and how to use you for their benefits.Thanks to every user in my space; you helped me in ensuring I don't become a user.
  4.  Betrayals - This ones are friends in your presence but enemies in disguise. . Like Judas, that was a friend in Jesus presence and friends to his enemies in their presence. They are in your circle to monitor you and know your weakness to use against you .. like Delilah, they use what they know to sell you to those that are your enemies. They can go to any length to make you look bad.. They talk you down when people sing your praise.. These are enemies in every way but you need them to help fulfill the call of God on your life. To those betrayals in my circle, I thank you because the year 2016 you catapulted me to a new level, you made me more discerning of people's intentions and has helped my future. You are still around me because of God's mercy but know that like Judas. .You will not end well if you don't repent.
  5. Admirers - These categories of people just like and admire you for reasons known to them and their goodwill towards you on a scale of 1-10 is a 7 and above. They admire you from afar and encourage all you stand for. These are like your encouragers as some pray you up and speak well of you to others. . Thanks to everyone that admire all I stand for, some have gone the extra mile of promoting what I do without my knowledge thereby giving me goodwill with others. Thanks so much and I pray God will help you in every way and raise helpers for you too.

 This year, know that relationships are key to our progress. Learn to discern the right one and above all be someone people will be glad to know. . My main life goal is to leave people I meet better than the way I meet / met them.. I pray that God will help me be like Him in every way and ensure I bring value to everyone around me...
To those I offended in 2016, forgive me and to those that offended me, you are forgiven; life is too short to live in hate. I have chosen the way of love as my life and boundary. I have the mind of Christ and will live and do right by God. I hope to see you in year 2017 being a better version of yourself in every way, living life with passion, with eternity in view

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