Thursday, January 26, 2017


Hello dear family and friends, happy new year once again. The year 2017 is already 26 days young/ old and moving fast. Lol. I am sure by now most of us are clear on our goals for this year.
I have had to put a pause on writing my goals, but in my head. I am clear on what I want to do this year 2017... I told myself, I will take care of me, my immediate and extended family first as my primary goal and others will follow.
So my main goal for year 2017 is clear; a closer walk with God plus having the mind of Christ and family. I intend to make the main thing the main thing this year 2017 for personal peace and tranquility. Lol.
Matthew 6:33 is big on my list this year and everything i do will be seen in that light including making money. Then Honour as a word is my key word for 2017.. am still studying what the word means in every aspect of my life. So am studying the word honour in light of honouring God, myself, my husband, children, parents, siblings, business associates , mentors, coaches, friends etc
Meanwhile here is a key lesson I learnt from having challenges with our inverter last week. We got the inverter some years back, thanks to my inloves the Obasas who felt it was the best thing to do to have constant electricity supply.
Our inverter came with 4 batteries and can carry quite a number of appliances especially the freezer. We have changed batteries over the years and maintained the inverter as best as we can. Last year, we changed the batteries and in one year, it started malfunctioning. Normally the batteries we get last for at least 14 -18 months but this has lasted just 12 months and showing signs that it's overworked. Lol
Anyways, the inverter became a challenge that I had to name it "Abiku" as just switching on the light or fan can put it off... so you have to put off almost everything you have on, for it to work again and sometimes, it will not come on after you have done the needful, so that meant buying fuel in the generator daily as our dear country's electrical system is individually owned. You take care of your electrical needs and pay for electricity you don't get.. so buying fuel to power generator daily is not funny knowing I don't earn cash daily from having the generator on. Lol
I was tired of my renamed "Abiku" inverter and complained to the point that my husband finally got the guy that maintains the inverter to come look at it. Eventually he came and said two of the batteries were drained and so was draining the other two batteries that were good. He took the two bad ones out and said we could use just the two batteries till we get new ones. Since he took the bad ones out, the other two are working well and our inverter is back to being useful.
As I sat down pondering on what happened, it dawned on me that those two bad batteries had outlived their usefulness and had become toxic and negative to the other batteries thereby making them to malfunction.
I was able to connect this to relationships and in my head, the questions I was asking myself was; who has outlived their usefulness around me and making me to malfunction with their negative energy?
For me, this is not the year to make it business as usual and continue the edo adage of " if i don't see that person, I won't go to the farm" lol.
Is that person useful to you in any way? Is there any value the person is adding to you or just draining you in every way. Is this relationship a one sided one where you give your all and get nothing in return?
Usefulness to me is not about money but value plus positive energy and vibes, if money is added, that's being over useful and I like that! Lol
Honestly what our inverter taught me is to look at things plus people draining me and making me malfunction in any way. I must ensure I take them out so I can function well.
So I suggest you and i choose those that come into our space carefully this year.. let's not be comfortable with people and things that drain us in every way.. be it physically, financially, emotionally, spiritually, also don't be the one doing that to yourself and others. Sometimes we drain ourselves with our negative mindset and self talk.. enough of that..
Look inwards today and do the needful. I am already on my journey to taking the "bad inverters " around me out so i can function properly and be useful to myself , my family and those I have been called to be useful to.
I hope this post will help you think and take actions that will bless you greatly. I honour you. @BridgetElesin

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