Wednesday, September 14, 2016


So much on my mind but here are my thoughts on a few things as regards the economic situation.
  1. Anyone that wants to be in a recession is allowed to be.. its your life but for me as a Christian, recession is not a new word.. There has been famine in the land in the days of the patriarchs in the bible but they survived as the just shall live by faith. This is the best time to trust God for ideas to beat what ever world system is in operation. Trust God and put your hands to work, think abundance and not scarcity as there is no recession in heaven. 
  2.  This is time to work as a team if you are married, sit together and check your income, check your expenses and look for ways to make more money legitimately. This is not the season to live on one source of income. Look within and see hidden talents or gifts that can be exchanged as value to others for money. Cut down on the extra spending, if you don't need that extra item, please don't buy it. 
  3. Tune off negative information, be it on TV, newspaper or from friends.. how does the negative news add value to you? I will rather listen to messages that will bless my life and make me take positive actions than news that will weigh me down. Same with listening to people that suck the life out of you by all manners of complaints. Mind what you hear and if the news are a must hear, turn the negative news into prayer points, so you can at least do something positive with it.
  4.  Learn to have the right mindset this season. Be happy despite what is happening around you.. take care of you, sleep when you should, worry less and trust God for better days ahead... 
  5.  Help others with what you have and don't need anymore as one man's trash can be another's treasure. Be sensitive to the needs of people around you. If you can afford to be a blessing to others in any way, please don't hesitate to be a blessing... encourage people and be kind. 
I pray that God will help you to trust Him this season rather than man .


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