Friday, June 10, 2016


S.T.S - Help Our Men!! 
I want to beg that we take time out to pray for the men around us. The devil is on rampage against men and wants to steal, kill and destroy them in every way. So many are living below the call of God for their lives, those living in line with purpose are being attacked with all sorts of sexual sin which many have fallen prey to and are wounded, many have embezzled funds and have gone the way of the wicked because of lack and the most painful one, patterns in their lineage are showing up in most lives that they are not aware of and are helpless about. 
We need spiritual midwives to help birth men that will live to fulfil their destinies as most wives have given up on their men because they do not understand them and have been hurt by them.
Most men I know will rather listen to women outside than their wives no matter how anointed spiritually the wife at home is.. so the women have stopped talking and most have stopped praying
Please wives.. I beg you with tears in my eyes.. don't give up on your husband. . PLEASE. . Widowhood is not funny, as I have seen men die because the wives gave up praying for the man because of offence.
Wives - Don't pray for yourselves and children alone. . PLEASE pray for your husband.. pray in your understanding and in tongues. Please.
Men.. I beg you reach out to other men you know that are spiritually strong. Reach out and get help before you are wasted. I pray that we will not bury any man prematurely in Jesus name amen
Lets know that, just like Pharaoh and Herod declared war on Moses and Jesus Christ in Exodus 1:15-20 and Matthew 2:16-18 . There is war on the male specie.... The devil is not joking.. He wants the male seed crushed just like He tried killing Moses and Jesus Christ.
Like King Solomon's times.. exchanges of destinies are taking place.. women are sleeping and killing their 'babies" .. While women slept.. The devil is wrecking havoc. Saviours are dying because their midwives are sleeping.
It's time for us all to wake up spiritually..We need to cry to God for our men to know God and serve Him.. This is an urgent cry for spiritual midwives. Save your husband, sons and brothers by letting go of the hurt and pain they have caused you in the past to pray for them. See them through the eyes of God.
Wives, learn to be your husband's cheerleader. Ask God to help you to love and submit to him even when you think he does not deserve it. Ask God to help you grow the fruit of the spirit as seen in Galatians 5:22-23.
Man, it's time to live like the Psalm 1 man and above all know that being the head of your home does not make you all knowing. Women have good given intuition that when put in use can save you when you listen. God can use anyone to help you especially your wife who is your helpmate. Learn to treat your wife right so you remain a blessed man indeed.
God help us all.

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