Friday, June 3, 2016


Fathers owe their children LIFE and LOVE.
Here are the acronyms for both words that a father must take to heart.
L- lead your children to love and have the fear of God.
I - influence them positively by what you say and do.
F - Faithfully teach them how to become the best of who God created them to be
E - Encourage them to live for God and serve Him and humanity with all God has blessed them with.

Love -Love them unconditionally.
O- Observe them and help them to develop the gifts in them , so as to use it to the glory of God and benefits of mankind.
V- Value spending quality time with them to teach values that will make them outstanding in life.
E- Empathise with them and teach them empathy. Teach them how to be compassionate and kind. Teach them how to listen to others and connect with them emotionally.
Note - God is big on fatherhood as He is a father that cares and loves us unconditionally. It's time for men to connect with Him to become ‪#‎BetterFathers‬.

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