Friday, May 20, 2016

Patience is a Virtue

I started writing the life series messages about 8 years ago. This was at a time I was trying to evolve from being a working mum to a domestic goddess. . I am not a fan of the words sit at home mum to describe myself because I don't just sit at home. Lol. I make things work for my family and so many others around me so I prefer the domestic goddess title better.

Anyways, I started writing the life messages from everyday things I see or hear around me. I have plans to put the quotes as a devotional, table top calender.. whatever will make people think about life in a different way and provoke them to demand more from life.. I will do. Lol.
Well today, I share a message that has taken almost 8 years to make public.. its been a dream, a vision but now it's out in this format for now and so I want to encourage you out here that you should not give up on your dreams because with time and patience, it will come to pass.

 Waiting is not easy.. whether it's waiting to have a baby, to get married, get a job, believing God for anything.. waiting can be challenging but the bottom line is you grow the fruit of the spirit of patience as you wait..

I have waited almost 8 years to see my life series have a life of its own.. today it's out..

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