Thursday, April 28, 2016


I ensure that everyday, I share messages that encourage and make people think on how to better themselves and others on every social media platform I am previledge to be part of.
Today, I woke up with the burden of young and innocent Nigerians slaughtered in their communities by ‪#‎fulaniherdsmen‬. My message today may not be so encouraging but it should get us all to think and take actions to save our great country from the menace of #fulaniherdsmen 
This should not be about politics or religion. I believe only those that are evil or feed on human flesh, will support the kind of killings we have seen in Agatu and Enugu. 
I wonder why #fulaniherdsmen will be armed protecting their cows. I wonder when cows became more important than human lives for human beings to be slaughtered as cows! 
This is not a time to be quiet as it's obvious this #fulaniherdsmen have become terrorists in our country still trying to battle the boko haram group. We are going through a lot in Nigeria; economically, physically and emotionally, so we do not need more pain inflicted on us by evil and vile men killing people in the name of cattle grazing! 
Let's use every platform to tell the government to check the menace of this #fulaniherdsmen who are everywhere and gradually becoming a threat to our existence. 
Let's watch and pray that God will grant our leaders and us all wisdom on how to find a permanent solution to the grazing of the cows of #fulaniherdsmen. 
Enough is Enough. This killing of Nigerians in their prime must stop. Nigerians arise and say NO to the evil pepetrated by #fulaniherdsmen.

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