Tuesday, February 23, 2016


It's February 23 2016 and I am just posting my first message for the year. I have not been on my blog since May 2015. Wow... What's my excuse? So many but it's good to be back here. Lol. I look forward to posting frequently on the blog and sharing all I have been up to.

This year, I commit to developing myself in every way; spiritually, physically, mentally and  financially. I encourage you to do same. Life becomes more beautiful when you commit to being a better you daily. Make 2016 your best year by living with joy and purpose.

My personal theme for  2016 ? Its my year of inner plus outward peace , divine clarity and purpose. My scripture for the year is found in 1 Kings 10

I will share my lessons from 1 Kings 10 in subsequent post. Do have a fantastic year. 

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