Monday, April 13, 2015


Churches in this generation have been reduced to ABC… Meaning; Attendance, Building and Cash. Dr. Ayodele. This breaks my heart but it's our sad reality. We have left the work of go ye, to wait ye! Evangelism has replaced "building a befitting house or project for the Lord" . Fund raising and offering is now the order of the day while most members can not feed, or pay their bills. Some have sown their children's school fees and even cars as seeds and the harvest they are waiting for is yet to come, while their Pastors enjoy the "blessings" of God! 
The word of God has been replaced by "my Pastor said " as people no longer read the bible for themselves. Men of God have become gods in people's lives that demand worship like the gods of our fore fathers! People fear their pastors more than they fear Jehovah! You call yourself a christian and people tell you they would prefer to do business with unbelievers than Christians! The power of God has been reduced to bottles of oil , water and mantles! Men no longer go through mentoring , believers classes and sound biblical teachings that will help them grow in their christian walk! No accountability as everyone does as they please. We have become like the world asking ourselves how big is your church? What is your monthly offering etc! We have become denominational crazy, earthly and kingdom useless. We are building personal kingdoms instead of God's kingdom. Souls are perishing everyday and all we think of is the next church project! 
We have more unbelievers in churches that call themselves Christians, people that dupe others , fornicate, commit adultery and all sorts of atrocities with impunity! So much is happening in the church that people would rather stay at home than come to church!
Hmmmm! Heaven is real and Christ is coming soon, whether we believe it or not. It's time we go back to the Acts church. It's time we leave "serving of tables" to eating, sleeping , waking and doing the word of God as in Acts 6. It's time we become like Peter and John in Acts 3:4-8. It's time we disciple men and women to go ye as in Matthew 28:18-20. It's time to stop desecrating the altar of God! It's time to stop "performances" and "gimmicks" to grow membership. It's time to stay and pray God's words until we see His power at work. It's time for the church to be known as a true church and not a cinema house! His house shall be called a house of prayer, Christ said and not a den of thieves. Matthew 21:13. 
Prayer; God help us all to be the glorious church that Christ will come for . God help the church to be all you have called it to be in Jesus name amen. 
Note; it's time for sober reflection, if Jesus comes for you today, will you be counted as one of the good and faithful servants? Will you be rewarded or be damned? Dear friends, heaven and hell is real!

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