Wednesday, February 18, 2015


I AM - Two of the most powerful words; for what you put after them shapes your reality. #QuoteFromVicAndLisaJohnsonMyDailyInsights

I was chatting with a friend yesterday and I told her, I wish I was a fairy God mother, to help turn things around. She laughed at my fairy God mother words but she got my message that I wanted to make sure she was okay and get the kind of life she deserves.
I got thinking later and was asking myself if it was watching too many Disney films with my children that got me thinking being a fairy God mother will make me help those around me better or reading too many story books growing up to make me have such thought in my head. Hmmmm! The truth is, I will never be a fairy but a God mother, yes!
What can I do to help those around me? How can I make their lives better? What can a God mother that is not a fairy do? Lol

1. I can listen to them talk and share their challenges
2. I can encourage them to be better persons as children, women, wives, mothers, sisters, workers and better men, husbands, brothers and fathers.
3. I can pray with them and show them God's words that is ever powerful to deliver result to their life challenges.
4. I can tell them the truth in love and get them to think of solutions to their challenges.
5. I can help in anyway that is possible to help; financial support , emotional support, physical support and networking support.

I can do the above and much more as God gives me wisdom but in doing this, i must remind myself often of my Pastor's words that says " if you say you are Elshaddai, you shall die as only God is Elshaddai" . I am not Elshaddai, only God can meet every need at the same time, only God can bring lasting solutions to people's problems, only God can mend broken hearts, heal people's bodies and marriages, only God can console and comfort those that are bereaved, only God can make an unfaithful husband or wife faithful, only God can change your story to glory, it's only God that can reach loved ones with salvation, only God can heal our nations and bring lasting peace....

I am not a fairy God mother but I am a woman on a mission for God, a woman with a kingdom mandate to bring change to my world through kindness. I am a loving, devoted and praying wife, I am a mother with the heart of a nurturer to see both my biological and spiritual children be all God has called them to be. I am a friend that will go the extra mile for my friends to encourage and pray them up, I am a daughter that loves my parents, both biological and spiritual with the whole of my being and will do all to make them comfortable. I am a sister with a caring heart and listening ears. I am a peace loving person that will forgive any wrong knowing my father in heaven forgives me daily. I am a voice for so many to find their voices. I am who God says I am, a beautiful and wonderful soul sent to add value and encourage others to be all God has called to them to be.

Why am I writing this? I am writing this to encourage that person that is asking, who am I? That one that has lost his/ her voice because of circumstances around them, I am writing to encourage the person that is always there for others...but yet feels no one is there for them, I am writing to encourage someone to keep doing good and keep blessing lives because God is the rewarder and not man. Today, if there is nothing to cheer you up, just think of these words " I Am" and become all that God desires for you to be. Add your own words after "I am" and see how liberated you will feel. Lol

Do you know ; God had to let Moses know He was I Am that I am? Read this in Exodus 3:14 - read the whole of exodus 3 and know that you are more than what people think or say.

Confession - I am fearfully and wonderfully made to show forth God's praise always.
Truth - do you know that one of the most beautiful words is to say ; I am born again! Washed by the blood of Jesus because you acknowledge that your being good alone can not get you into heaven. Read. John 3:1-21.
Prayer : Thank you Jesus for dying for me on the cross, thank you for taking my place by shedding your blood to save me from sin. Thank you for reconciling me to God our father. I confess today that you are my Lord, come into my heart and help me to live for you always in Jesus name amen!! Wow! You can now say I am born again!

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