Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Can others see Jesus in You ?
This month in my church we have been talking about the great commission in Matthew 28: 19-20 and the need to share the good news with our family and friends. In thinking through all the messages I have heard from my church pulpit and the house fellowship meetings, I believe some of us are the reason, some people can not be born again because our actions repel them from getting saved.
For me, being a christian is not in words only but in deed, as Matthew 28: 20 talks about teaching and observing. So people you are talking to need to see the fruit of the spirit at work in you to want to be like you. Talk for me is cheap but action is more expensive, what does our action tell others about us? How do we relate to people around us? Do we relate as if we are superior beings to others? do we delight in unforgiveness or cutting people down with our acidic tongue. How do people feel when they leave our presence? How do we relate with family members? Friends? Neighbours, colleagues, strangers? What kind of friends are we? Are we those that delight in back bitting and betraying our friends? Are we sleeping with other persons wives and husbands and pretending to be their friends? Are we short changing others in any way? Can we be trusted with people's money & properties without any negative story following? Do we live dual lives, where in christian cycle, we behave as Christians but outside we are worse than the devil?
The truth is people see our actions more than they hear our words, can people come to Christ just by observing our lives? I have sat down to xray my own life these past days and my conclusion is for God's mercy to cover every flaw in me that will make anyone say "if I am what a christian look like, they don't want to be like me or have anything to do with my God" .
It's time to xray your own life and let your life draw men/women to Christ. Don't just talk being a Christian, be a Christian in your words and your deeds! Be the bible most people will read to follow 
Christ, be the agent of change that will make them forsake their old ways and serve God. Be the hands of kindness and the voice of love that will bring people to Christ. I pray that our lives will speak truth to everyone that comes around us in Jesus name amen.
if you know, you are faking your Christianity, it's time to ask God for forgiveness and be a true Christian. Confess your sins and ask God for the grace to forsake them. Commit to reading your bible and prayers. God will help you.
If you have never been saved, you have the opportunity too to ask Jesus to come into your heart and be your Lord and saviour. Go ahead, invite him and ask him to wipe you clean with his precious blood he shared on the cross. God bless you.
Prayer : Dear Lord, thank you for that person reading this post that need you more than they will admit. Shine your light in their hearts, make them just like you. Let their light so shine that they will draw men/women unto you in Jesus name amen! Wow! I am excited! ‪#‎LetOthersSeeJesusInUs‬ . Follow me on twitter  @BridgetElesin

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