Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Stop, Listen and Help.

I had to write this post from the burden I got from a phone call from a dear friend. The truth is a lot of people are going through things we have no idea about. Some of us complain daily about what we don't have and forget to see what we have and should be grateful for. ( I am loving this gratitude challenge on Facebook/ twitter by the way! Lol).

In the last three months, I have spoken to people that thought of committing suicide because of the challenges they have passed through. Some of the challenges are marital, some financial and some academic but what was common to all of them was the intense discouragement they felt from what they were/ are going through.

I was glad I had the opportunity to listen and help them in some way. I may not have what it takes to help out rightly but being there to listen and pray plus ask them to get the needed support to help them made a lot of differences. Sometimes I wish I was the proverbial fairy godmother with the wand to make people's needs come to pass just like that! Lol.

I am sure we have all heard of a couple of people that have taken their own lives recently and wondered why on earth they would do that, but the truth is more people, including born again Christians are taking their lives every day especially overseas, where the interaction with people are less. I am beginning to appreciate our African culture of visiting and asking after people from time to time, our 'interactive amebo mood" have saved more lives than we know! Lol. This is not to promote gossip but to encourage more personal interactions. Lol.

The first time I was asked if I have ever had post- natal depression, I told my caregiver it was un-african, because with the two girls I had in Nigeria, I had relatives helping me with almost everything, so I didn't know anything like depression but living overseas, with close relatives and friends far away, I literarily saw my back head! Lol, but thank God for a responsible husband that had to help in so many ways and friends / family members that kept calling to encourage and visited later, am sure my case would have been something else with plenty drama! Lol

So my encouragement today is, dear friend reading this, stop, listen and help those you know are struggling through challenges. Know that helping people is not always about giving cash. Helping a mum to baby sit her children while she takes a much needed break will make all the difference, calling and finding out how others are doing may just be what someone needs to pour out issues troubling him/ her. Looking around for those struggling financially and helping anonymously or directly may be a life saver. Just listening to someone pour their heart out may be all they need. There is so much we can do to help others.

Our lives as my husband will always say is beyond us, I have people on my list that find it difficult to afford 3 square meals, pay rent, school fees and even transport themselves. There are people without paid jobs doing odd jobs to make ends meet, yet ends are not meeting. As I type this, some are on the verge of suicide. All I can do is what I have been doing with the help of my destiny helper ( God bless Tunde. Elesin for me big time). I support and pray but I can not do this alone as there are so many more in need.
I know I can not meet all needs but I can listen, I can pray for them, I can support financially with what I have and can also help through my network/ associates. All I am asking today is look beyond yourself and reach out, help those around you that genuinely need help. An orphan child needs you to be father/ mother to them , widows/ widowers needs your support and encouragement, a sick person needs care and hospital billls to be paid, your leaders need encouragement and appreciation plus help to make them slow down and take much needed rest. We all need each other in some ways. Let's all be blessings in our own little ways, show kindness to others.

Mind you, some people you show love / kindness to may not appreciate it or even say thank you. Pause and put yourself in the shoes of Jesus Christ. Most of us have been unappreciative of the finished work He did at the cross, yet He still loves us anyway and is waiting patiently for us to come to Him and enjoy uncommon help free of charge.
For some here, going through challenges and thinking you can not survive this; know that all you are going through is not new and if you acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, you will find strength to go through your challenges. Hebrews 4: 14-16 is a great encouragement to anyone going through challenging times. It's time for you too to stop, listen and help yourself. True help is from God and He can use anyone to help you through your difficult times.
I pray for us today that God will help us as we lay our burdens on Him, God will send helpers of destiny our way and show us through them His everlasting love. I pray for an organization , home or church leader today, that God will give them wisdom to learn how to delegate and rest, I pray God will help us to let go of things stressing us out and let Him be our hope and anchor. I pray for as many that are helpers to be encouraged in so many ways, I pray God will reward you in many ways in Jesus name amen.

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