Friday, September 5, 2014


My mum use to say when we were growing up that " you never reach one, you want make dem cut you to five" and " fowl when never reach to crow, if e crow, e go get sour throat " that's in pidgin English and it simply means there is time to be what you want to be, don't fake what you are not, don't say you are what you are not and don't try being what you are not.

I see most people these days trying to be what they are not , trying to keep up with the Jones or Kardashians! It's okay to aspire to be something but when you take on more than you can chew per time, it becomes a problem. There are people that will buy clothes on credit without paying their creditors for months, just to look good and keep up an appearance of being successful. There are people that have gone on vacation to show off and will be back and unable to pay school fees! There are those that drive their houses as cars because they want to be seen as people with class or money, There are those that want to be famous overnight without knowing that those up there have paid consistent daily/ weekly/monthly/yearly price to get to where they are and didn't become famous overnight.

There are those that don't know but will never ask for help or wait to learn but will be carrying titles all about, and yet can not deliver on those titles when called upon because they don't know. I don't know who I am talking to here as the inspiration to write this came suddenly, but I believe it's for someone that will look at himself/ herself and evaluate who they are and where they are going to.
My advice is; know you are not anybody's mate, stop comparing yourself with others. Live your level per time, cut your coat according to your cloth and not your size, because if you have one yard of material, and you are big plus want to make a caftan as an adult, that will be impossible, so if it's a tank top you can use the material for or bib, so be it. Remember life is in phases and men in sizes. Your time will come as you go through each phase, learning and aspiring for greatness. May God grant us all the wisdom to live our level per time plus help us live lives that will attract His favor and bring glory to His name.

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