Monday, August 11, 2014


I got this from a Doctor friend and I think it's worth sharing, may God keep us from strange diseases in Jesus name amen.
Finally a broadcast on prevention of Ebola worth sharing.
It is known that bleach - jik, parazone or hypo as u may call it has been found to kill viruses. The National campaign against Ebola recommends washing your hands as frequently as possible. This implies that mistakenly if u come into contact with the virus, constant handwashing will reduce your chance of getting infected. Remember that we use our hands frequently.
Hence it is being recommended that we dilute 10mls of any bleach of our choice to 90mls of water for hand washing. This can be carried in our hand bags or pockets; around our offices and homes. This is more effective than regular hand sanitisers but it needs to be prepared daily, so it can be prepared in small water bottles.
Let us spread this message and we would be doing something effective for ourselves and our community. Thank you.

This is another message from a blackberry chat group;

The simple truth is ebola is here and it can only be curbed when we adhere strictly to all suggestions given to us by the medical experts. Now my main concern is, have parents thought about calling teachers/parents forum now even though schools are on vacation so that they can work together with the schools their children go to and help creating modalities on how to help their children when they get back to school.
Most parents have taken all preventive measures to make sure their children are safe at home and have taught them what to do but can you say the same about the other parents whose children attend your child's school? I expect parents to call their children's schools and ask them to fumigate, ask them to put in place proper sick bay, make sure there are washing basin, soap, hand disinfectants available in all classes. If there is one place parents should be most concerned about it is the schools.
I know someone would say what about the public schools? The government might not really act the way we want them to, but every parent who loves his or her child will go an extra length to make sure the schools are safe when they resume.
We all want this menace to end now and vanish from our land now.
Believe me as we talk some parents don't even know what's happening out there and that's why some of us must make sure all our Nigerian Children are safe and making sure the schools are also safe whether it is public or private schools.
Parents don't be caught sleeping and don't wait until the last minute of resumption. Please pass on to all mummies, daddies, uncles and aunts.. Let us protect our schools so that our children can also be safe when they go back to schools.. Parents you can donate soaps, hand disinfectants to your children schools, you can also help them fumigate and make sure all students temperature are constantly monitored...keep spreading this news.

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