Monday, August 11, 2014


How was your day? I trust great. Happy new week. I have been on a reflective mood lately and my conclusion is, if you are a Christian, there is work to do. People are going to hell every second and yet most of us are indifferent pursuing money. A pastor shared a story of a friend that died recently and he said he was friends with this person but he never told him about Jesus Christ. Most of us discuss with friends and relatives but our faith in God is a no go area.
I believe if you truly know Christ, you would want to share about Him and how your life has improved since you accepted Him as your Lord and Saviour. I can testify that I am a better person since I stopped playing religion/church and accepted to follow Jesus all the way.
I was this good church "bad" girl on the road to hell, until I encountered Christ. It's been years I got serious with God, my prayers about Him keeping me till the end remains! Nothing shall seperate me from Christ. Romans 8:38-39. All I am and will ever be is in Him.

Today, I want to let us know that as Christians, we have a mandate to go preach the gospel to souls that are perishing. Jesus chose 12 disciples and the mandate given was for them to preach and cast out demons - Mark 3:14-15. Jesus Christ is all about people, saving them and turning them over to God, helping them transit from being God's creation to His children. Luke 9:51-52 and Luke 15:1-30 will tell you more. If Jesus Christ was all about people, how come you are not sharing the good news to others, how come you are more concerned about material things than those He came to die for? Jesus Christ knew/ knows sinners can become saints if they know better and are taught the purpose/plan of God for their lives. It's time to do Acts 1:8. Let's take time to study Matthew 6:19-33, to know that as we seek God's kingdom and His righteousness and preach the gospel, our lives will become better as we live life and not forget others.

Do something differently today and days ahead, tell someone about Jesus Christ. Ask God to open your eyes to see those in need of Jesus Christ, to hear those crying for Jesus Christ. Let the unconditional love you enjoy as a child of God flow to others today. Share the love by sharing the truth that Christ came to die for them, His blood was shed so theirs will not be shared, He was made a curse so they will be set free! Go ahead, share God's words, as there is no time, every day is an opportunity to live for Christ and help others decide to live for Him too. God help us all.

Note; if you need Jesus Christ in your life, know that confession is made unto salvation. "Say Lord Jesus, come into my life and be my saviour, I believe that you died for me, you were buried and rose again to save me. I choose to call you Lord and Saviour of my life in Jesus name amen"

Congratulations if you said those words, you are now a child of God according to John 1:12. Get a bible and start reading, you can start with the new testament especially the first four books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

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