Thursday, August 14, 2014


People are going through challenges you know nothing about, so learn to be kind when dealing with them.... Robin Williams death from depression yesterday has proven that someone may seem to have it all but you do not know their emotional state, so quit the envy! He brought so much joy to countless homes and lives, yet he had his own personal issue he was battling with. I pray that God will give us eyes to be there for those we think, have it all. It's time to love on people and pray them up and above all tell them about Jesus Christ and how to live life one day at a time.

Personally, I have decided that the devil will never get me to the point where I become overwhelmed that I want to just pass on. I have had days in my life where the issues of life became so overwhelming I wanted to just walk on, run away from the challenges I was facing. People as we know handle life issues differently and ones temperament may also contribute to how you handle the issues of life... my honest advice to anyone going through challenges is to stay in God's words!
I personally read the book of Job or just play the bible version, this helps me to know that my issue has not gotten to Job's case who lost all and was under pressure from family and friends to curse God and die. I also have a song I play on repeat; a Phil Driscoll song that talks about All glory, all honour belonging to God. That song has a way of lifting up my spirit, another way is to talk to someone or write and bless others. It has always helped. The truth is we all have those days but how we handle it differs and it depends, if it's just a minor or a major case of being overwhelmed!

Meanwhile if you know your challenges are beyond you, kindly get help, professional help; medically, spiritually and psychologically. Please just make sure you get help in every way possible, when ever you feel overwhelmed. .
Learn to also do self talk; tell yourself every day, that you are not in competition with anyone, you must not allow the world define success for you and you must follow your path in life and not another person's path. People are overwhelmed most times because they are busy comparing themselves with others and putting pressure on themselves to prove they are successful! The bottomline is to live a life that is uniquely yours trusting God that every day will be a great day. May God help us all and help us to love ourselves, love Him and others. May He help us to overcome challenges of life as we let go of our burdens and let Him bear them in Jesus name amen. May God console plus comfort the family of our great thespian Robin Williams and also help as many here that are going through challenging times. May God come through for you...

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