Monday, August 11, 2014


With total submission to the will of God, we announce the glorious exit of the matriarch of the house of Elesin. Mama Aduke Esther Elesin, who joined the heavenly train on Friday 25th of July 2014. Mama lived a good life and her legacy will live on.

Things we know and will miss about Grandma Elesin

1. She loved God and was a woman that knew her bible and prayed a lot. She could recite most chapters of Psalms in English and Yoruba. There was a ready Psalms for every situation, and prayer was her lifestyle.

2. She was a woman that was full of thanks to God and was grateful for those around her. She will always say thank you for things you do for her.

3. Grandma was extremely neat and orderly. She had all her things well arranged, took her bath regularly and changed her clothes too. She had her routine which was strictly followed by her Caregivers.

4. My son said Grandma was very good & kind to us. She was our friend, she didn't hate us, she didn't abuse us , she liked us and gave us money to church every Sunday.

5. My 2nd daughter said Grandma always gave us gifts for our birthdays and stopped people from spanking us, but sometimes she likes to tell on us. (lol)

6. My first daughter said Grandma was nice, she never spanked us but corrected us in love, she gave us money and gifts for our birthdays.

We will miss her voice, her chuckles, her banter with her Caregivers, we will miss eating her fruits that we took most times without permission, and above all, we will miss having her around. We are grateful to God, that we all had the opportunity to care for her and she knew she was loved by her children and their families till she passed on.

Kindly remember us in your prayers, that God will console and comfort us all at this time.

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