Friday, June 13, 2014


In the service of God, would you be referred to as an asset or a liability? This is the question in one of June 2014 open heaven's devotional by Pastor E.A Adeboye. It's a big question as I see more liabilities than assets in the service of God.

If you have been a true Christian and till date, no body has been saved as a result of your life or you intentionally sharing God's words with them, then you are a liability.

If there is no true change in your lifestyle since you got saved, i.e, you still lie, steal, fornicate and commit adultery with impunity, then you are a liability.

If you are a minister and the message you preach is not what you live, then you are a liability. If money people give for missions and other projects is what you use to fund your expensive life stlye, then you are a very big liability.

If you are forever receiving and not giving your gifts, talents, time, resources to further the gospel, then you are a liability.

If all you see is the "enemy" and you do not understand that Jesus is Lord and you are more than conquerors through Christ and you have been saved for over 1 year, then you are a liability.

If you do not study God's words and know what it says about you and you are looking for prophet and pastors like native doctors to pray for you and lay hands on you, then you have become a liability.

If you have turned God's words to your personal revelation and you con people with so many personal doctrines that are not scriptural, thereby leading more people to hell then you are a liability.

My prayer is that we will all look at ourselves and see if we are liabilities or assets to God's kingdom. God help us all

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