Friday, June 20, 2014


Good morning my dear friend, I hope you had a good night rest. I have so much on my mind to write on or say but kindly read this post and help me do the 3 things below if you can.

1. Thank God for where you are now, thank Him for what you have and for all He has done for you including keeping you and your family alive. You may not be where you want to be, but learning to appreciate God for where you are, will help you get to where you should be. Appreciate God today and thank Him that you are alive, well, have a family, job etc. Just thank God for all the daily benefits He loads you with and don't forget to thank God for everyone He has used to bless you. Remember to be grateful always and watch your life change for the better. Read Psalm 103.

2. Spare a thought for others, there is more to your life than you! Stop making life a "me,myself, and I affair. There are so many people going through tough times, some can not afford a meal, some can not afford school fees, some do not have clothes, some can not afford to pay house rent etc. Kindly look for someone to bless. Bless people with the extras that you have, clothes, cars, shoes, monies etc. Apart from blessing others with material things, be kind to people around you, learn to stop and greet people, be nice, smile, show kindness in every way possible. Pray and encourage those that need help you can not offer, link them up with those that can help them. Stop living a self centered life, be selfless and be a blessing. Read Acts 10;38. The book of Mark is worth reading as you will see how much of a blessing Christ was on earth. ( if most of us Christians will live like Christ indeed, more people will want to follow Him and serve our God in spirit and in truth).

3. Pray for Nigeria, if there is any time to pray, it's NOW! . I have seen and heard all kinds of abomination in this land. Nigerians are fast losing hope in themselves and in their leaders but one thing I know for sure, is that there is God that rules in the affairs of men. He will rule in our affairs as we cry to Him. Nigeria has gone through so much and honestly I thank God for where we are and I want to say, it can only get better. Pray for the fear of God to rule and reign, pray for God's perfect will to be done and pray that God will arise and scatter every enemy of our nation. Pray that greed and avarice plus love for blood money will not overcome us. Pray that our minds will be enlightened to live and do right always including choosing right leaders and holding them accountable. Pray that we will see the new Nigeria we desire and be partakers of what God will do in our land in Jesus name amen!

Have a great day and remember God loves you, even when you think He is far away, He will save all who come to Him genuinely. Let me pray for you, may God be your peace, way maker, helper, salvation, and all you want Him to be for you in Jesus name amen. Indeed He is " I am that I am" Exodus 3:14.
Note; Exodus chapters 3- chapter 15 is worth reading and studying.

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