Friday, May 23, 2014


So much on my mind, so much to write, talk and pray about, but I will share this question, I was asked by the Holy Spirit after my midnight prayers early this morning 23/5/2014. I had gone back to bed after praying trying to sleep and I heard, are you prepared? Are you prepared for what you are praying about? Are you prepared to receive that which you are asking for? as the conversation continued, I was asked if those I was praying to have babies were prepared, if those believing God for their spouses was prepared, if those looking for jobs were prepared for their positions. The questions kept coming and a picture of Jacob and the animals mating came to heart, that Jacob was so prepared for what he had told Laban about the speckled animals that he took a poplar tree and put before the animals, what they saw was what he got.

I don't know who this message is for but I feel led to share it here. You have prayed for so long but are you prepared for what is coming? Are you prepared to be all God has called you to be? Are you prepared for marriage? Are you prepared for motherhood/fatherhood? Are you prepared for that position you have been praying for? Are you prepared for a better Nigeria, are you prepared for a better community? Are you prepared for a better marriage? If you are not prepared then it's time to be prepared as God is about to release that which you have asked for....

Prayer point : God help me to prepare for what you are bringing my way in Jesus name amen.

Scripture reading; Genesis 30:25-43.
Note; you can read the whole of Genesis 30. It's worth meditating on. I must mention here that i was too lazy to get up to write down my conversation but I prayed that the Holy Spirit will remind me of our conversation when I wake up, later in the day. He did but this is not the full message, as I would have gotten more if I took my pen to write immediately. Indeed my spirit was willing but my flesh was weak. I pray God will help me to do what is right when other messages come. May God bless these words and use it to prepare someone for the testimonies coming.

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