Friday, April 25, 2014


I was reading my online devotional when I saw this and felt I should share.

When Praying for Others Is Hard

How do you respond when someone hurts your feelings? Do you let it rob you of joy? Or maybe your emotions run wild?
Luke 6:27-28 tells us what we should do when people hurt us: We must pray for them and bless them.

Can you believe that? We're to pray something like, "Oh, Lord, I pray that You'd just make them so happy!"

I still don't get that, but I'm willing to do it in obedience and say, "Lord, I don't know that I really want them to be happy, but I'll pray that in faith anyway, because You're telling me to bless them with Your presence."

Choosing to pray for them is one of the most difficult things God asks us to do, especially if we believe that whoever hurt us is in the wrong and doesn't deserve to be forgiven.

But God instructs us to practice forgiveness. And when we choose to follow the path of forgiveness, we will experience the peace and joy that come through obeying God's Word. When you obey God, He can help you overcome the pain and enjoy life more.

Prayer Starter: God, it's hard, but I pray for those who have hurt me and ask You to bless them. Help me to release the hurt and forgive them. Luke 6:28. ( Joyce Meyer Devotional)

Note; Praying for those that have hurt you is very hard. I have seen my fair share of hurt and I am sure someone somewhere can say I may have hurt them too. Some people hurt you deliberately and some ignorantly but the pain may go deeper than their actions. Tell yourself every day that you cannot afford to carry pain and bitterness around. I know it's not easy when the people involved are close relatives, friends, Pastors, colleagues, neighbours or those you have to interact with almost everyday. The truth is, it's only by letting go and letting God that you can heal and forgive totally where you get to the point of remembering without the hurt or pain.

As a " Prayer" I can not afford unforgiveness,even when I have valid reasons to dislike or hate the person for life plus walk in unforgiveness. You can not pray to God with an unforgiving heart, you must first forgive others, forgive yourself and even forgive God! ( yes, some people grudge God for things He did or did not do! Forgive God o! Lol). Life is too short to walk in unforgiveness. Let's upgrade our love walk, forgive and pray for those that have hurt you. It's tough but you can do it and eventually feel better for it. God help us all.

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