Saturday, April 5, 2014


Wow! Its the 4th month of the year already. This year is flying fast. I just realized I was not here in March 2014. March that is my birth month, what was i thinking and doing? Lol. Well, God graciously added another year to my life on the 11th day of March and I decided to reward myself with a training that week, so for two weeks I was in the Daystar Leadership academy taking the basic leadership certificate course. I was in class on my birthday. It was a time to unlearn all I know to learn new things. I was truly blown away by all the Facilators that taught us. My views on so many issues shifted and I can say I am better for it. It was one of the best birthday gift I have given myself.

Thanks to my family and friends that celebrated me in their own ways. This time my husband truly surprised me, I am one of those that dislike surprises and all the dramas that go with it. I can say this was one of my best birthday celebration ever as I got gifts from my husband, children, sister, mum-inlove and friends that I truly needed and are useful to me. Thanks to everyone that called, left messages on my Facebook and twitter pages. God bless you all greatly.

In March, it was international women's day and also mothers day ( British). Indeed our women are worth celebrating everyday, so this season, let's all go out and inspire change in every way we can.

Now to April!!! Happy new month of April. I have declared it our month of W.A.R; Wisdom, Action and Resurrection. God will give us the wisdom we need to take actions that will resurrect all our dreams/visions in Jesus name amen. Every dead situation around us receives the power of resurrection to come alive in Jesus name amen. Have a glorious Month of April! Happy celebration to all our April celebrants, may God beautify your lives in Jesus name amen.

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