Monday, April 7, 2014


Adam, Where are you?

I was studying yesterday night ( Friday 4th April 2014) and as I read the devotional I was using, some words popped into my spirit and those words were " Adam, where are you? I tried to get it out of my head and it remained and I had to think through it and study more to know why God who created Adam and is an all seeing plus all knowing God will ask Adam that question.

Adam here represents mankind and more importantly, the male specie of mankind. As a woman that is passionate about seeing men become all God has called them to be, I get pained when I see " Sons of Adam making the same mistakes our ancestor Adam made. All God asked was his location and Adam first gave the excuse that he was afraid of God and was naked so he hid himself" was that the best answer to the question? Yet God wanted him to acknowledge what he had done and so God followed with more questions "Adam, who told you, you are naked? Have you eaten of the tree I commanded you not to eat from? And instead of answering God, yes! He made more excuses of saying the woman you gave me, gave me of the tree and I did eat ( Genesis 3:1-12).

The sons of Adam have learnt well from their ancestor and have towed his line as I hear a lot of Adams make excuses why they are not responsible men, fathers, sons etc. A lot make excuses of why they are insecure as married men and workers? Why they beat their wives, why they treat family members bad, why they commit adultery and eventually leave their wife for other women. Many make excuses why they steal, join the band wagons to do all sort of shady deals at work, many make excuses to why they engage in some many acts that truncates God's purposes for their lives. So many excuses that have deprived them to live their best life each day.

Today, I want every Adam to take a good look inward and ask "Adam where are you? Where are you in your walk with God? Where are you in your devotion to God and the things of God? Where are you in your relationship with your spouse? Where are you in being a caring, faithful, and responsible husband and father? Where are you, in being a mentor and coach, a role model, priest and prophet your wife can look up to and your children will want to emulate? Where are you as regards your job? Where are you with your co-workers and those that work with you? where are you as regards your finance, emotions, and other elements that make up your person? Adam where are you?

It's time to answer yourself honestly and truthfully, it's time to admit that you are far from where you want to be, it's time to stop the acting role of being all good outside but rotten in every sense, it's time to acknowledge that you have done wrong and need forgiveness, it's time to restore fellowship with God and your loved ones plus everyone you have hurt in your bid to satisfy yourself. it's time to grow up and man up!

Adam, it's time to say your true location and quit the excuses, forget who did not help you, forget that you grew up alone and so you are Lord and master of yourself, forget you are not being paid your worth in your place of work , forget that the economy is hard and so you must engage in funny things to survive. Forget the excuse of using the woman you married as the reason for all your woes! Forget all the excuses and own up to yourself your true location. Ask your yourself how can I quit the excuses and show the real me, how can I make things right? How can I be all God has called me to be? How can I resume fellowship with my maker and creator? How can I be the responsible , caring and faithful husband, and father that will groom my family to be all God has destined them to be. How can I be the best in my place of work, in my society and every where I go.

God is mindful of you and so knows you in and out, all He wanted from Adam was for him to admit his wrong and ask for mercy and forgiveness, that would have changed the equation at the garden. Today I ask every Adam, including the female specie of mankind. Do a reflective thinking, ask yourself the question God asked Adam and honestly answer it and amend your ways.

God wants us to come back and just acknowledge our true state, He is ready to cover our shame like He did for the naked Adam. He is ready to help us start afresh to regain all we have lost, the first Adam had excuses but the second Adam- Jesus Christ came and with no excuse, paid the price to qualify us to enjoy the life destined for us...if you are the Adam that needs restoration, now is the time, to say Lord, here I am, help me! God help us all.

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