Saturday, February 22, 2014


Hello dear. It's almost the end of February and that means two months is gone in the not so new year 2014. How have you fared with your goals? new year resolutions and to do list for the year? I know some of us are making steady progress while some have ditched all their good plans and are just managing to get by with the usual cliché in Nigeria "e go better" lol.

E go definitely better but for those who will make it so. My first post in January this year on blackberry and Facebook was to let us know that to have a great and different year, we must define our one big thing and get focused doing it. My message has not changed, all I am doing today is to remind us to think deeply and ask ourselves again, what is that one big thing you need to achieve to live a life of purpose and fulfilment this year? How will you achieve that? Whose help do you need? For a man reading this, and wants to pursue his one big thing this year, remember your identity is not in your work, marriage, or money. Identify who you are in God, ask Him, your purpose for being on earth and do your best to achieve that purpose as you tie it to your one big thing this year.

For a woman reading this, your identity is not in your husband, children, image or work, there is more to you, so find your identity in God and live your one big thing plus the other big things that will follow!

My one big thing this year and years to come is to develop myself in the areas of my passion; media, family, religion, government plus economy and change the culture in this areas for good and for God.

Let me end this post with a quote from my Greatness Coach Alex Ihama "Death wins when we die without having fulfilled our life purpose, without having accomplished our individual reason for being born". So I charge you to think through and know your purpose and that one big thing that will help you fulfil it. Make up your mind to live your life and live it well to the glory of God and the good of mankind.

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