Monday, February 24, 2014


This was meant for my BlackBerry women's group but a dear sister and protege shared it in another group and I decided to share it here to help my friends that are ladies and married. I hope my sisters that are singles for now will learn too. Comments, and questions are welcomed. God bless and keep our marriages and homes in Jesus name amen!

Hello dearest Sisters, how are you all doing? Just a quick question, how are you investing in your marriage/relationship? I need to know, so we can help ourselves.

I have found out some of us have work to do including my humble self! Marriage is work. We all need to do more than we are doing now to make our marriage heaven on earth.

I want to challenge us all to improve on ourselves,pray that God will change those things that needs to go in our lives and add all that we need to make us better wives, mothers, sisters and friends.

I tell people that my marriage is my testimony and though it's good, I want it better. It's almost 11 years of marriage and despite challenges here and there, I am blessed to be married to a great man.

The marriage can only get better if I allow God and also play my part. We all need to step up our games, regarding our looks, attitude, loving and respecting our husbands, celebrating him, cooking good food, keeping the house neat and servicing him where it matters! Bedmatics must reach new level! ( apologies to singles here una must learn sha! Lol) .

No matter how holy a man is, body no be firewood! Let's not allow "akamu" turn grey hair for the man head! Lol!

When last did you give your spouse a good kiss? When last did you buy him a gift? Have you ever taken him out for lunch or dinner or taken him shopping and you pay?

When last did you tell him you love him? Today, let all of us do the following simple things; 1. Put up your husband's picture and celebrate him 2. Call his mum or any one close and tell them how special your husband is, even tell your children and let those around you and your husband hear that you married a good man. 3. Send a love note to your husband. Learn to date your man afresh!

I am compelled to do my husband good all the days of his life. ( He treats me great). It's a choice I have made to love him forever, no matter what he does! I have made a choice to be a wife that he can come home to and be real, he can be himself, both the vulnerable and strong man! I have made a choice to pray him up and cheer him on. I have made a choice to be his dream and reality woman both in bed and out of bed. The "me" I know cannt do this on my own but I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. So ladies, let's all get to work and please make your husband the blessed man of a blessed wife!

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