Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Wow, it's December 2013! God has indeed been faithful. My prayer for us all this end of year can be found in Psalm 84:11. May this month indeed be a month of harvest, celebration and thanksgiving in Jesus name amen. Find below, my true life testimony in church on Sunday December 1st. I pray someone will read this and make a difference in another person's life.

My December 1 2013 Miracle experience

I went to church on Sunday a bit upset with my children, I was tired of being mummy, cleaner, nanny and many more without thank you and a willingness to even clean up after themselves that particular morning. Lol.
We got into church, as the third service started but it took me some time before I could drop everyone in their classes, talk to a friend and wait for my husband to join me from the car park. Our Pastor was already midway through his sermon when we entered the church and we decided to sit at another side of the church knowing our usual spot would have been occupied. We found out that the church was unusually full, it was as if every person wanted to be in church for thanksgiving being the 1st day of December 2013. Lol.
We tried getting seats but everywhere seem occupied. We finally got two seats behind but a lady had put her bag on one of the chairs. An Usher met her and asked her to kindly move to the chair with her bag, so my husband and I could sit as a couple, but she moved the bag, without moving and that meant she will be sitting between us, the Usher came to ask if my husband was ok as he hesitated, i had sat down first and felt it didn't make any difference whether we sat together or had the woman in between us as the service was to end in a few minutes and we could go to our normal seating area for the next service.

My husband eventually sat down, but as the Pastor preached, I noticed the woman would take her wrapper and cover her face. She was acting strange as if she was in agony. I had to start praying as I sensed she had issues, I prayed that God should help me remove my self from this situation and think like Him ( remember I was upset by my children, if I carried that, I won't be able to help). As I prayed in tongues, all I could hear in my spirit was give her a hug, I was struggling within myself, what if she didn't want a hug and she became hostile, what if she was possessed and transferred what ever was in her to me ( she laughs, God help me). Eventually Pastor, ended his Sermon and prayed, after the prayers, I turned and my husband, had this message on his face for me to reach out to her, and I nodded and mouthed i will talk to her, he had also sensed that there was something wrong. I touched the woman and asked her, if I could give her a hug, she said yes and as I did, she let go, of herself and rested her head on my shoulder with a big sigh like a baby. I held her and asked her if she wanted to talk about it and we could go out to talk. She followed me out and we got a place to sit and talk. I asked her what her story was and she told me her challenges; that someone in the medical team had called her to come for service, she used the last money her son would have used for his transport fare to school the next day to get to church, only to find out the Doctor was not in his usual spot, her phone had problems and so she could not call him. She had hope that he may come for the next service but she was also wondering how she will get home if she didn't see him eventually. She said as she was in church, the devil was whispering to her heart and telling her, nobody cared plus all sorts of rejection lies only for me to ask if I could hug her, she said at that minute, she literarily saw the devil run away as indeed God cared enough to send someone to hug her! I was almost in tears but was glad God disrupted my program just to be His arms to give a hug to His dear child that was in need of a hug! I got the number of the Doctor in the medical team that asked her to come to church, spoke to him and he said he was on his way to church for the 4th service. I was able to help her with her transport fare and a little extra and I hugged her again! Joyfully we both went inside and she met the doctor. My husband and i spoke to him and thanked him for his support for her thus far, we got her numbers and his to see how we could help further.

My husband and I were glad we did not move seats and more glad that we were sensitive to her needs. We truly pray to be able to do more than just giving her a hug but the lesson for me that day was God is a miracle working God, He cares so much for us that He will do anything to meet our needs, be it physical, emotional or financial. I saw God in a new way and was overwhelmed with His love for mankind. My take on this, is that as the year comes to an end, may God help us all to be the Jesus Christ some people will ever see and know, may we look beyond ourselves and reach out to someone in need this season...indeed Christ is the reason for all season, let's be more like Him this season and always. God bless us all.

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