Wednesday, October 9, 2013


This happened on the 7th of October 2013.

Wow!! Stunned by my 5 years old son. He came to show me a few minutes ago his colouring book and asked me if it's true that every mistake is beautiful, I said sometimes, he said his father told him that. I looked at his drawing and saw the mistakes he said his sister made on his work he coloured and I told him it was beautiful despite the mistakes.
His response was that he doesn't want to be a dancer again but an artist, I said that was okay, ( We have changed careers so many times, that an artist is fine with me at this stage! Lol.)

His next question started another conversation. He asked me what will his wife be? I laughed and told him to come tell me why he is always talking about this his wife. I carried him on my laps and asked him again why he is always talking about his wife, in his words, he said "seriously I am thinking about my wife and how I will love her", and smiling, i asked him what is it about this his wife? And who has he seen that has made him to want a wife that he wants to love. He pointed his fingers at me and said you! I asked him how and he said I love the way you and Daddy love each other! Wow! Indeed out of the mouth of babes, God has ordained perfect praise. Honestly I pray for my children and have started praying for God fearing spouses for 3 of them once in a while but with this conversation, it will be serious prayer point from today, they must not miss it in marriage. This shows they are watching and like I tell most people, children watch what you do and copy, more than what you say. My prayers for us is that God will always make his father and I, do right and be role models, that they can point to as true mentors that live what they say. God help us

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