Monday, September 2, 2013


Happy new month of September. May this month be a month of uncommon harvest, testimonies and breakthroughs for us all. As we know it's the 9th month, and for a pregnant woman this is the month of delivery. May God deliver to us every good and perfect gifts in Jesus name amen. May Psalm 84:11 speak for you and yours. Remember that every pregnant woman has her part to play in bringing forth her baby, so this month, make up your mind to trust God more, read His words more, spend time praying His words into your life and situation, live right and do right trusting God for His grace to overcome diverse temptations.

I hear breaking of protocol in my spirit, God will do the unusual in your life and situation this month, He will break protocol on your behalf. Those that need to lose their sleep to help you will do so this month just as it happened in the book of Esther Chapter 6. God will cause your joy to be full and He will fight for you as you hold your peace. This month all journeys shall be safe. Psalm 91 and 121 shall speak for us all. Our faulty foundations and past misdeed will not cooperate to hinder our progress in life and ministry. God shall visit our foundations and show us mercy, He shall free us from every collective family captivity/ pattern. He shall command uncommon blessings in our lives. Stagnation, retardation and delay is removed from our lives in Jesus name amen. This month, all things will work together for our good. We shall enjoy divine health, wealth and protection in Jesus name. This "Ember" months shall be our best, as a family, and a nation starting this September, as God says our latter days shall be better than our former in Jesus miracle working name amen!!! Welcome to September to Remember!

NB: Happy birthday to everyone celebrating this month may God fill your mouth with good things in Jesus name amen!

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