Tuesday, September 17, 2013


My thoughts this morning 17/9/2013 to the women of my BlackBerry group. I thought I should share here as well with some slight changes. As married people, We all have work to do. Prayer without corresponding works is nothing! I have told myself I need to write to married people that desire better marriages; We all have work to do on ourselves while we pray. Yes marriages are under attacks but how many of us are doing our best not to let the arrow of attack land on us? How many of us deliberately pray that we have the fruit of the spirit as written in Galatians 5:22-23. How many of us pray to be submissive plus not live a life of reaction. How many of us take the words in Ephesians 5:22-33 seriously? How many of us read 1 Corinthians 13 and pray to love our spouses and even others like that? How many of us pray together as a couple not to talk of having a family altar? How many of us have marriage mentors, how many of us go for programs that will enhance our marriages, how many of us read books on marriages and how to improve ourselves? Marriage is WORK! Love is not enough in marriage, there is more to love. Daily forgiveness, making excuses for your spouse, communicating verbally and non verbally, good sex, understanding as regards finance plus inlaw issues and much more are necessary for a better marriage.
Every time I go for a program on marriage or relationship, it's mostly those that don't need the program that are there, those that need it like oxygen are no where to be found! Yet they wonder why their marriages have issues, "they" are the issues!

Note; I have told myself, I will stop wasting my time on any couple that comes to me for counselling and is not ready to read at least 3 books, attend two marriage seminars, and do some practical activities to better their marriage, my decision is to mentor only those that are ready to be mentored plus concentrate on mentoring singles to get their relationship right from get go! Any work we do in marriage is "repair" so I will rather spend time praying for those in need of counsel without corresponding actions than waste my time and energy to get them to work on themselves. I see many people that want my kind of marriage that are not ready to invest what my destiny helper & I invest on our marriage! Even with all our work, we still have issues that we need others to counsel us on plus pray seriously as individual and together to resolve.

Let's know that seed time and harvest is sure and this is not for plants or finance issues alone. If you seed time and efforts with prayers into your marriage, you will enjoy the harvest. Marriage is not just a walk through the park, it is Hardwork! May God help us all to pay the price for great marriages that we will enjoy&not endure! Selah

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