Tuesday, September 24, 2013


There are processes for different things in life, and in marriage, the proper order is  to have a Contract, Celebrate the Contract and Consummate  the marriage. In some culture, it is Consummation before Celebration . Recently i have seen a lot of people say they are married but all they have to buttress their married status is consummation,  as there is no contract, no celebration!

Folks, lets do the honourable thing just as Isaac did when he wanted a wife; Rebekah's folks gave their consent to the marriage proposal of Isaac father's servant, the servant gave the family gifts, they celebrated by eating and drinking all night and Rebekah followed them and became Isaac's wife. Jacob in Genesis 29 from Verse 15-30, had a contract with Laban over his daughter Racheal, Laban agreed, and after the 7 seven years, made a feast and gave him his daughter Leah ( this is story for another day. Lol) but he had a marriage contract, it was celebrated and consummated.

Let's also not forget the wedding feast during Jesus's time in John 2. Jesus Christ was at the feast as he was an invited guest with his disciples, at this stage the marriage in Cana was at the celebration stage, so Jesus intervened when the wine for the guests ran out. I pray that God will remove anything that will bring us shame in our marriages in Jesus name. I also pray that God will help singles to get it right and if you are in a relationship,  and have had children which none of this process followed, please go and do it right, so that the "living arrangement"  can be a real marriage and you can enjoy the blessings that goes with marriage. God help us all.

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