Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Happy new month of August. Indeed this is our month of months according to Exodus 12:1. I am so excited about this month as I have seen God do amazing things the past seven days in August 2013.

I call the month, my month of unfair favour. It's the favour that made the shepherd boy a King, that made a slave girl a queen, that made a slave boy, prime minister. This unfair favour made an harlot, an ancestor of the messiah.

This unfair favour does not consult with your past to bless your future, it answers to Psalm 5:12 and Psalm 44:3. This unfair favour can be accessed when you know the God of unfair favour, and when you follow the words in Proverbs8:32-35. Wow, I am excited about this month as the testimonies have started rolling in and more will come in Jesus name amen. I await yours.

Prayers; Lord, surround me with your favour as with a shield this month of August. Lord, help me to favour others as you favour me in Jesus name amen.

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