Thursday, August 8, 2013


I use to battle with my writing and speaking. As a rule, I try not to write my public post when I hear things or i am going through things personally as it will be tough to write without mentioning some of the things I am going through or others have confided in me, so sometimes it's a struggle being a writer or should I say blogger and speaker as well.

I have had cases when I am in a gathering and I try to take pictures and I hear, Bridget don't put my pictures on Facebook or don't write about this o. So as a rule, I do not take pictures of those I interact with and if I do, I hardly post it because I try to put myself in their shoes.

For me, it's tough being a writer, as you tend to see and hear so many things but because of your personality, you also can not just open your mouth to share or write without being sensitive to others. As a rule, i believe if you have to share, you must use wisdom in writing or sharing your thoughts.

These are some of the things I have learnt about writing and speaking plus being a blessing with my write up despite the challenges of being a writer/blogger or speaker. I truly hope it will bless and inspire someone struggling to write/ blog or speak.

1. I write as led but at the same, I am sensitive enough to know what to write about without drawing much attention to real life People and making a mess of their personal lives and mine publicly.

2. I ask myself before writing some basic questions; 1. Will this encourage someone? 2. Will it educate others and help them to live better lives? 3. Will others be inspired to do great things after reading my post? 4. Will they be entertained or feel good as a result of my write up? If yes, I go ahead to write.

3.  I ask myself if my write up is me! Honestly, I know I am unique in my own way and have my style of doing things, which includes speaking and writing, so when I write, I ask if those that know me, can feel my writing and if those that don't know me personally can truly feel my passion about things I write or speak about. I don't want to be seen as a copy cat writer, so i write my posts as me. So whenever i read my article as me, I am truly good to go.

4. Having a team that helps you write. My number one writing mate, is my husband( God, this man is blessed with wisdom above his age). Some of the articles I write are really from our conversations together. Sometimes, I write and read to him and he critics it, he encourages my writing but there are days when his opinions get to me wrongly. Lol, any way, you need people that can help you think through your writing or speaking. I have other friends and
family members that also help me in staying true to what I write or speak about.

5. I draw inspiration from many writers and speakers. I love reading a lot plus listening to thoughts of others that can provoke me to take positive actions.  I read to inspire, educate, encourage and entertain  myself.  What reading other people's books and posts have done for me can not be over emphasized. I have been blessed by so many authors, writers plus speakers and I draw inspiration from their write ups and what I tell myself is if they can write and bless others plus make money from their  books, so I can I.

6. I write to help people think about eternity and their relationship with their creator. As a Christian woman, this is my greatest challenge as people that are not Christians read my post. I have tried to stay away from talking "christianise' but the truth is, I am a woman of prayer and that comes into my writing. Most of the posts I write, has one thing to do with the help of God or prayers. I try to run away from talking religion but at the same time, I know we are all spiritual beings, so I address that in any little way I can. So even when I don't put the name Jesus or God in my writeup, I still know, I write as one that knows that everything I write, do or say has eternal consequences.

7. I allow my writing to take over me sometimes. I honestly did not plan to write this post, I was planning to write something else on husband and wife relationship and this article popped out from within me, I had to stop to tell myself this was not about husband and wife gist but the writer/ blogger and speaker. So here you have it, sometimes, you set out to write one thing, and something else takes over... Just make sure what takes over is what will bless your readers or hearers! Lol.

Note; Keep writing even when you think it does not make sense. I have articles that have never been shared in the public domain, I write in my head daily and also use every opportunity I get to write I speak. This helps me get better

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