Friday, August 16, 2013


I had to write this post as I watched with pain the video of the teacher in Edo state that could not even read her own documents and I wonder what else is not on the verge of collapse in Nigeria.

Hospitals both private and public have become houses of uncountable deaths. We have doctors that the Hippocratic oath means nothing to, nurses and other staff that have no training for the job they are doing and no compassion for people. Money before crappy services is the order of the day. Even if a sick family member dies in their hospital, you will still pay the bills for services that were not rendered and even the dead will be exploited to the point of staff of the hospital stealing any valuable in their pocket or with them.

Both private and public schools are means of exploitation.  Parents in private school apart of school fees and other sundry amounts pay development fee yearly and I wonder how gullible we are as parents; who develops my business? Do I get development fee for developing my own business? . I still maintain that there is something wrong with that, if PTA wants to help improve a school, please go ahead but don't keep exploiting parents in the name of development levy of any form.
Besides this, is the fact that most Proprietors, after all the monies they collect still do not pay staff good salaries, their staff turnover is so crazy you see new teachers every term. I heard of a case where a cleaner in a school became overnight class teacher without any formal training, you can imagine what will become of children in that school.
Parents on their own pay schools fees without following up to see if they are getting value for their money, most do not even have time to drop off their children in school not to talk of attending PTA meetings. When some manage to come for PTA, they are in so much hurry to leave as in their words" they have other things to do and I wonder what better thing, compare to the welfare of their children.
I see a lot of children that their parents spend thousands and even millions in paying school fees, yet because of lack of personal attention, the ones that can barely afford the lowest of school fees do better than them because the parents go the extra mile in coaching them personally. Most parents have failed in their duties as parents and they wonder why their children or wards are so unruly!

Currently in our great country, Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) have been on strike over unpaid allowances and other issues for over one month now, the Government is saying they can not meet their demands financially as they are trying to cut down on spendings but yet i witnessed a live jamboree on NTA network yesterday 15/8/2013 by the First Lady and her cronies with all sorts of performances. I am sure the government has budget for that but not for ASSU. Legislators in Nigeria can afford to take home monthly and yearly salaries and allowances that Presidents and Ministers in other countries do not get as salaries in their countries for their whole term in office for doing nothing to advance the country but yet, it's okay for our students to be at home, doing nothing while praying for government and ASUU to resolve their issues. Schools lack infrastructures and other basic amenities, yet our government can spend monies on non-essential and this is okay while Nigerians go about their business as usual.

Note; I had to put off my Television eventually when the First Lady started reading her speech yesterday as it was pure torture listening to her read.  If she  was truly a school teacher, then the Edo State Governor should let the other woman be as its obvious we have a long way to go as per the training our so called teachers and educators get.

I see a lot happening in companies; bad customer care, exorbitant charges from PHCN and other government parastatals  and day after day, week after week, month after month, this circle continues without us seeing changes, because we all think " e go better without engaging ourselves to be better" . Nigeria is becoming one huge joke and we have all contributed in making it so.

It's time we all wake up and engage ourselves in bringing true change to our country. It starts with you and I. How involved are you in the things happening around you; your home, family, community etc. how can you be a better person in your home, workplace and community, if we wait for one person to clean Nigeria in the name of a leader, we will wait for long and all age and die eventually without any progress. God is set to declare vacancies at various level and areas, you can only occupy positions you are ready and prepared for to bring about true change. Very soon, it won't be business as usual in Nigeria, as we all wake up! God bless Nigeria and Nigerians

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