Saturday, August 10, 2013


A lot of people are giving up on themselves, their marriage, children , business etc. They see challenges and tell themselves I did not bargain for this, many give up and let situations go from bad to worse.

A dear sister and friend was sharing with me a couple of days ago a  story she read about of a woman that left her home and children and went off with some groupie biker riders. She came back years later to her family telling them how overwhelmed she felt... But this is years later, and how does she think her husband and her children will feel? Bailing out on them, being selfish and self centered to just consider herself alone. Honestly, its easy to run away from pressure but will that solve the challenges you face? Every human being have challenges but giving up on yourself or others is not the best solution. Here are some tips to help you to hold on and not give up.

1. Believe in a supreme being to help, most of us are spiritual beings, we either believe in God or a supreme being that rules our world. So when faced with issues, I suggest you go to God to help. I believe God created us and knows our end from our beginning, so when faced with challenges that makes me want to run away ( yes, the thought is there sometimes but I am not one to run away from my challenges! Lol) . I pray and tell God, when it's a marital challenge; you know Lord, I have never been married before and since marriage is your idea, help me out of this and believe me, God shows up in many ways to help me get through the challenge.
Note ; when it's my children or a work related issue, I also pray about it and get divine intervention from God.

2. Confront the issue or the person ; What are the issues or challenges you are facing? Is it  challenges with your spouse? Children, Boss? Or a particular person? Confront them. I believe strongly in confrontation but thank God for marrying my opposite! Lol, so many times, my husband's words will ring in my ears when I want to go "ballistic" on some people over serious issues ( He will say, "separate the event from the person, deal with the issue and don't attack the person" ). Wise words that have helped me in so many ways. What this means is call the person and ask God for wisdom to deal with the issue or challenge you are facing. I always pray that God will touch the heart of the person to see reason. So when I speak, we can agree to resolve the issue or find a common ground that will work for all parties concerned.

3. Confide in someone wise; I had to say someone wise as some people are not worth confiding in, they will rather escalate the issue or make you feel worse for confiding in them. I have had the privilege of having amazing people I can call on to talk to, apart from my husband who I actually talk to a lot ( I feel for him as he gets to hear so many things I rant and rave about, good or bad! Lol). I have mentors and friends I can confide in and I am sure of their positive response to what I share. Sometimes, I get scolded by some of them by my response to the situation but that does not mean, they hate me for telling me the truth, I take it in and try my best to take their advice in facing my challenges.

4. Pursue peace ; I will rather live with peace than live with rancor and bitterness, so after you have tried all means to resolve your challenge, especially with people in your life and they are bent on frustrating you. Make sure you are at peace with yourself and make sure you have  settled the issue in your mind that you will not let it trouble you. When it's a person that has hurt me deeply, I try to make an excuse for the person, say "  if they know better, they will do better" so I give myself peace and move on with my life! Life is too short to be at loggerhead with people!

5.  Let go and let God; I get to this after I have done all, I tell God, this may be beyond me, it's not beyond you Lord! I tell myself no matter how bad the situation is, it can only get better at the end. It may take time but it will come to a conclusive end one day. As my dear friend will say," truth only has one version" so it will come out especially if the challenge involves people close to your heart.

Note; As a christian, I get into scriptures and pray concerning what is troubling me, no matter the mountain of challenges, it will become a plain as God's words are powerful.

I truly wish and pray someone will read this note and take the words here to heart. Remember challenges and trying period are common to every human being but how we deal with it matters. It's either we give up or the challenging situation goes away, I will prefer the latter happens. Don't give up!

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