Friday, August 9, 2013


I see many people struggling in life as they are looking at others to define how successful they are. They see their friends with big cars, big houses etc and they define success by the material things they have. A lot of young People have gone into questionable businesses to make money to get material things just to be termed successful. The truth is success should not be defined according to the things we see. Jesus Christ while He was on earth had little or no material things but till date His impact is still being felt.

I feel led to tell someone reading this; Do not let people define success for you. Success is not in the cars you have, the big house you live in, the "gbese" trips you go on or any material things you have. Success God's way is fulfilling God's purpose for your life and impacting others for good and for God. It's time to stop comparing yourself with others, it's time to stop letting others define success for you. You have your race to run, they have theirs. Stop looking at others to define success for you. Stop putting yourself under pressure to be like your friends, siblings or neighbors you think are successful. Go to God who created you and ask for His help to be a success His way and not your way or as defined by others around you. God help us all. Selah.

Prayer: Ask God to reveal His perfect plan for your life to you. Ask for His help to live your life according to His definition of success and not man's definition.

Action point: Read Jeremiah 29:11 and the book of Proverbs.

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