Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I have been in a very somber mood for some days now after learning of the death of a neighbor's husband. We have lived on thesame street for a couple of years now and exchange plansantries from time to time. We got talking one day and I learnt she attends my church. After that conversation, some months later, we started my church house fellowship in my house and I told the cell leader we have some church members we could invite to join us but alas we never got round to visiting them till her husband passed on.
I was in shock visiting her house last week and after the visit, my conclusion was I left it too late. Another neighbour that went visiting her with me said same thing and she made a statement so profound. She said, i gist with this lady and even discuss network business with her but I never discussed Jesus Christ with her. We all left her with mixed feelings,knowing we should have been closer to her to impact her and her home before this horrific tragedy.
She had her own sense of guilt, saying maybe she should have stopped her husband from going out that day, she should have done more but alas, the opportunity has gone to do more for him but our consolation is we can do more for her, and for others around us.

My thoughts this week is ; How many times have we procrastinated on things we ought to do immediately? How many times, have we put off making phone calls to loved ones, how many times have we put off visiting friends, emailing or texting to know how they are? I know we have uncountable excuses why we should not make the call or postpone the visits but in all honesty, we have no excuse. Let's learn to reach out to others, let's learn to touch lives in our own little way, a call here, a visit there may just make all the difference in someone's lives.
I have told myself that I need to deliberately reach out to others with the love of Christ everyday, I have no right discussing business everytime when i have not told people about Christ or where they will spend eternity. I need to be a better daughter, sister, neighbour and friend. It's not easy to do so much but it's easy to start reaching out to others in your circle delibrately as the Lord puts them in your heart. Make that call today, visit that friend, pray for that person as waiting till tomorrow may mean, you may never do it! God help us all.

Prayer point; God help me to stop procrastinating. Help me to do what I have to do as quick as you want me to do it.
Dear Lord, restore lost opportunities, give me opportunities to be a blessing to those around me in Jesus name amen.

Action; Reflect on People you need to see and things you have neglected to do. Ask God to help you to do the things as at when due. God help us all.

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