Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I wrote this post on facebook after I read about the slaughtering of 28 children in Yobe State, a Northern State in Nigeria.

Nigeria/ Nigerians, is it business as usual while we watch our children being slaughtered? Are we just going to sit down and do nothing while innocent children are sent to an untimely death. What kind of country are we living in? We are not at war but the death in Nigeria is more than a country at war! As a mother, I cringe to think of this "evil of the highest order" being unleashed on any of my children. Must we wait for this evil to continue because our children were not involved? This killings have gone on in Nigeria for too long.

It's time women and mothers come out to curse every force and persons responsible for wicked acts in Nigeria, it's time we make demand and tell our government to stop the speeches and get serious about protecting innocent lives of the citizens of this country. Enough of the politics of Boko haram. Let us all wail for the innocent children that have been cut off in their prime, let us wail for a country that places no value on human lives, let's us wail for ourselves, that we have become so non challant to think the killing of the innocent students does not concern us. I weep for myself, for carrying on as if it's business as usual while parents mourn the death of children they sent to school to learn! God have mercy!!!

Note; My 4 years old son read some newspapers headlines on our way from Church on Sunday the 7th of July and wanted to know why the students were killed by Boko haram. I couldn't explain what the students did to deserve death. He asked if they were bad people, and i said no and tried to explain that the people that killed the innocent students were the bad people. I still can not wrap my head round what has happened and is still happening in Nigeria. I have wept over this country a couple of times and I believe God knows why we came into existence as a nation and why this is happening at this time. Lord! The blood letting is too much, have mercy!! God please arise and let the enemies of this nation in every sphere be scattered! It breaks my heart to see that our country is battling with all sorts of issues like massive corruption in both low and high places, police brutality, armed robberies, lack of basic infrastructures and terrorism above all.

I believe it's time women arise and make a statement, if our government can not fish out Boko haram, God can. Let's rise up and pray as the people being killed are our sons, daughters, husbands and sisters. Thinking of a message I heard some weeks back; While women slept... the devil is having a blast. Lets not be like the two women who slept in 1 Kings 3:17-28. One slept on her baby & killed him while the other had her baby exchanged! They had to meet the king after waking up! It's time to meet with our God, who is the King of Kings, who will judge evil men and women in Nigeria and avenge for the helpless.
Women wake up! even in our respective homes, the devil is having a blast because we are playing instead of praying, women are losing their husbands to other women and untimely death, so many things are happening, that can be prevented if only we all arise and pray. May God help us to be sensitive to know that we can move mountains, heal our land, homes, bodies if only we pray in true repentance and give heed to God's words and will in our lives. May Nigerian women wake up and say no to evil in our land! May we arise and pray to the the King of Kings that rules in the affairs of men. He will arise on our behalf as we pray for Nigeria and for our homes. God help us all.

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