Wednesday, July 10, 2013


It's 10 days down the month of July 2013 and I am just saying happy new month on my blog! Well the month is still new, according to a friend, she is still in the month of June as God has not done what she asked Him in prayers to do for her in June! Lol. That got me thinking that indeed God has many children with different temperaments and requests! Talking of children, my second daughter will be 7 years old on the 12th of July. Since the beginning of this month, it's been planning galore for her and her elder sister and I received a huge shock a few days ago when a friend showed me an invite for a birthday party from my daughter, inviting her son to her birthday party in two different locations. I was shocked but amused and told my daughter nicely that she should have told me before sending out her invite and she should stick to one location plus reconsider what exactly she wants to do. Right now, she is bent on having a party of some sort and I am caught up in managing an event which means she is not getting my full attention as regards her birthday celebration. God save me from a strong willed seven year old girl with event planning skills! Lol. Please join me in praying for wisdom to manage her and my upcoming event plus pray that she will fulfill her glorious destiny and be a joy to many generations in Jesus name amen.

My words for this month; God will enlarge our territory like Jabez in 1 Chronicles4:9-10 and above all, He will deliver us from stubborn enemies against our enlargement just as He did for the Isrealites in Exodus 14:13-14. We must make sure we are not our own enemies, be in tune with God this month as there will be showers and rains of blessings. This is a time to ask God to fulfill prophecies in your life, it's also time to sow seeds in God's kingdom, be kind to others and also do a lot of warfare prayers but this time, know you are a victor over principalities and powers and not a victim, so enforce your right and praise God for total victory and deliverance

Have a testimony filled July and continue to pray that God will perfect all that concern you and yours in Jesus name amen.

Note; Congratulations to everyone celebrating this month of July. May God fill your mouth with songs of praise and testmonies in Jesus name amen.
Scriptures to read; the book of Esther, Daniel, Ephesians and Revelations12:11

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