Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I posted this on Facebook but I believe it will be a blessing to someone here.

Husband & Wife Gist: Married couples, there is a day that is common to both of you, that's your wedding day. Take that day as your date night every month and enjoy time together.
It must not be something expensive. You can stay at home and spend good time talking. My husband and I started this after we got married and for over one year we will have a date every 14th of the month. After having our first child, we stopped for some time, and with the demand of work and children, our date night took the back burner.

We almost became familiar strangers at one time because of lack of communication but we are back to our date night again as we found out, it keeps us connected. Everytime we have our date night, we play a game that helps us communicate better. We tell ourselves 5 things we love about each other and want to see continue and 5 things we don't like and we want to see either improve on or change. In playing this game, we give examples of such actions to help the person involved continue the action or stop it if need be. This has blessed us and some of the couples we have had opportunity to play the game with. I am looking forward to my next date night on the 14th as I am sure to hear something that will gladden my heart and something I need to improve on to make me better.

Note; Couples, try this and share your experience with me. We are planning a program for couples soon, you and your spouse may get the opportunity to hang out with my husband and i if you share your experience with our date night tip&game! So share your experience after you have tried this; pick your date night and play the game. The feedback may not be what you expect but as you take turns saying what you love and don't like, you will be amazed at the revelation that will change your marriage for good! Enjoy!

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