Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Wow! I can not believe I did not post anything om my blog in June! Wow! Wow! Wow! June was a busy month for me but honestly I have no excuse...not even one post! Hey, what was I thinking? Anyway June passed on like a flash. I had my tenth wedding anniversary on the 14th and i celebrated quietly with my destiny helper and husband of my youth. Lol. A lot of friends wanted us to include others but we felt it was all about us. We took time off and had dinner alone and spent an amazing night in an amazing location in Lagos, talking and doing what couples in love do ( hey don't ask me what! Lol).

Honestly we had time to talk, reevaluate our partnership and the most beautiful for me was praying together and sharing the communion. Our marriage has been all about God, we have been through some pretty stuff in our ten years of marriage that would have broken any marriage but not ours because God is involved and He has a purpose for our lives and home. So it's the dawn of a new Bridget and Tunde Elesin as a couple. We have given our all to God and we trust Him to make something beautiful out of our lives and marriage to bless others in Jesus name amen!

It was my Dad's birthday on the 22nd of June and my adopted brother's wedding as well. It was nice being home with my parents and siblings. It's always a joy being in my house, so much laughter, gists and then so much food to's as if we don't eat where we come from as my parents do their best to stuff us with all kinds of food! God have mercy! The wedding was beautiful and God showed Himself faithful. My brother is a married man and now has the license to do what married men do! ( I had to add this because they had christian courtship and I teased him about getting married and rocking his wife! Lol)

I also got involved in doing things i love doing, real work as regards my career started in earnest in June. I have been praying, asking God what I need to do career wise. ( i am multitalented but at the same time, there are things i can do without struggling compared to others) I needed clear directives and God answered me in the most amazing way by bringing a job that confirmed my career path. Working this path again saw me trying to balance things in so many ways but as usual, God took charge and brought some incredible people my way to make the transition easy beside the support of my dear destiny helper.

Indeed June 2013 is one month I will never forget in a hurry, God proved that He exceeds our expectations and so my admonition is for us all, is to be careful what we pray and wish for. I got more than what I bargained for and yes I thank God for being God and the giver of blessings that makes rich with no sorrow added to it! Join me to praise this our good God for what He has done in my life in the past, what he is doing now and wht He will do later.

Note; I repent of my sins of not posting regularly. I intend to make sure I stick to my promise to post more here on my blog ( I seem to be doing more on Facebook and twitter). Well I know my Sistadivine is watching to see I fulfill my promise all the way! Lol

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