Monday, May 20, 2013


I don't know who these words are for, but I received it during a praise and prayer meeting which I attended. As I was praying, the words came to my spirit; " the pain of Sarah" and as I tried to figure out what this pain was, the story of Sarah and her maid Hagar came to my heart. You can find this story in Genesis 16 and Genesis 21. I don't know the decisions/ actions you or your loved ones have taken that is troubling your home, business, or life in general. I don't know the pain in your heart as a result of that decision/ action, but read the express words I got

"The pain of Sarah" - when that thing that cause you pain lives with you or around you and its a daily reminder of your actions or actions of people close to you, then its time to pray.

Prayer point ; God of Sarah arise and remove every Hagar from my life, marriage, family, job and ministry in Jesus name amen.I await our testimonies. I believe I will testify too.

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