Wednesday, May 15, 2013


In my few years on earth , I have seen people come and go. I have seen loved ones die, seen many people die with unfulfilled dreams, some even dying without fulfilling purpose. I have seen people live an average life plus live below God's best for them because of one excuse or the other.

Every day, some of us postpone what we should do for today till another date. We tell ourselves we will do it tomorrow or another day till we end up not doing that thing.

I have seen couples put off spending time with each other, telling themselves they will have time for themselves when the children have left home. Most times that day never comes.

I have seen parents put off spending time with their children, saying they need to work hard to give them a good life, missing out on important milestones in their children's lives.

I have seen people put off educating and improving their lives, because they have one excuse or the other why they can not go to school now, plus why they can not afford the things they have to do now.

I have seen people forget to care for themselves because they do not have time to eat, look nice and presentable. They ignore health issues as they do not have time to go for a check up or stop to make sense of their body signs.

I have seen people live lonely lives because they do not have the time to build meaningful relationships, I have seen people running in the "rat race" of life pursuing things with no value in eternity.

I have seen people put off committing to serving God and accepting Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour because they think, they should enjoy their lives as youths and later in life, commit to Jesus Christ.

What most of us forget is that, time waits for no one and only God knows who will wake up tomorrow alive. One of my favorite words i tell myself and others now which i heard from a dear Minister friend, is you can take sleeping pills to sleep but there is no waking pill to wake up as only God gives life to man and will be the one to wake us up each day. So none of us knows what tomorrow offers? So why postpone being kind? Living your dream? Spending quality time with your loved ones? why postpone living life on purpose now, today?

I recently read the story of a couple that did not have a proper honeymoon and promised themselves they will go on a honeymoon trip after the children are all grown and have left the house to stay on their own. Years after, they made plans but few weeks to the honeymoon trip, the man died and that trip never happened. After reading that story, my perspective changed and I now live intentionally every day as i have the habit of procrastinating, ( God is still working on me and I am working on myself to stop that habit) . I have come to realize that tomorrow waits for no man so I try to quit the excuse game and just do what I have to do. I am not there yet but I am better and I have chosen to live life NOW and not LATER. What about you?

Prayers; God help us to live life with eternity in view, help us live Now and not live a life of Later or Never in Jesus name amen.

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