Friday, May 31, 2013


Wow! It's the End of May 2013, it's 5 months out of the year and we are about to hit half time of the year 2013. I don't know about you but I am excited to usher in June 2013 for the following reasons;

1. June is the month where we celebrate fathers and I am all about fathers! I am so excited about fathers day. ( Remember to order the kindle version of my book, fathers you must take the lead by Bridget Elesin on amazon, if you are in Lagos, Nigeria, the book is in Laterna bookstore in Victoria Island, Success Bookstore Riggs Plaza by Omole Bus stop, Ikeja, and the bookstore in Avenues to wealth Our Place, 7 Olufunmilola Okikiolu street by Eco bank off Toyin street Ikeja.

2. June is my biological father's birthday and everyone that knows me personally, know I love my Dad! So it's a great time to celebrate him.

3. My brother is getting married....hey this guy is my "adopted" brother who is more like my own biological brother, he has been a blessing to my parents and us all, so I am excited to welcome a new sister-in-love.

4. Best of all, it's my 10th wedding anniversary this June! Wow! Ten year of God's faithfulness to my destiny helper and I. It's been a decade of fun, some experiences during this ten years pleasant, some painful but in all, it's been a joyful, fruitful and beautiful ten years with a lot to thank God for. If I have to get married over again, I will still say yes "i do" to my dear husband, destiny helper, covenant partner, father to my prophetic children and my best friend that loves me unconditionally.

So you see why I so am excited about June 2013? Lol. I have called it a month of divine recovery and total restoration. I await God's best this season. So join me in thanking God and please pray for my family. June 2013 will be the month of months in your family and mine in Jesus name amen.

Note; If you think there is nothing to celebrate, please celebrate the fact that you are alive to see June 2013. Remember that a lot of People that started this year with us are no longer alive. Dead men/ women don't think of the economic situation or personal challenges, they are going through. So dear brother and sister, rejoice as God has got you and i covered as we continue to trust Him for better days ahead.

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