Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Wow! It's been one full month of not blogging, despite my promise to myself and some of my dear friends that this year, I will blog more. ( i am trying to forgive me for not blogging, so please don't let me feel more guilt. Lol).

Real blogging took the backstage as i have been exploring twitter as a platform apart from Facebook which I call my ministry platform, besides this and a hectic schedule with some traveling, I suddenly didn't have the urge to blog, call it writer's block or any name you deem fit, I just did not feel like blogging or do my usual social media stuff on Facebook, my usual BB messages reduced also but if the truth be told, I was able to achieve some great things like having my book; "fathers you must take the lead" on Amazon kindle. That is a great accomplishment for me and as a friend said, I have started out big unlike some other well known authors that truly started small and took years to be on a global platform. lol. I truly thank God for little beginnings and how far He has brought me.

Besides the book on Amazon, I have been working on myself and truly asking myself those questions that will make me know what I am truly made to do. My husband is fond of asking me from time to time what I really want to do with myself as if I am not doing anything! Lol. Sometimes I get upset by the question, some other times, it helps me think and I ask myself, what do I really want to do with me? As I have my hands on so many pies! Lol.

I was still thinking of what I want to do and be known for when a word I heard from a total stranger got me thinking about the word "renaissance" and I discovered that it fits who I am totally. A rennaissance man or woman is a highly cultivated man or woman who is skilled and well-versed in many fields of knowledge, work, etc., as in the arts and sciences. He or she has acquired knowledge and proficiency in more than one field. Right now, I am so loaded with great things, I am asking myself what do I do what all the knowledge and skills i have?

Well very soon, I will be unveiling a new side to me but before then, let me enjoy my new tag name of a rennaisance woman! Enjoy a beautiful end of month, April has been good to me and my family. My sweet daughter and first born was 9 years old on the 14th of April. She is turning out to be one of the sweetest and caring little girl i know, she is indeed Mummy's helper and i love her so much. My younger Sister and "laugh buddy" was a year older on the 11th of April, she shares thesame day with my Pastor and mentor, the real woman herself ; Pastor Nike Adeyemi, of Adaystar Christian Center in Lagos Nigeria. God bless and enlarge their coast. Congratulations to all April celebrants including our protegees who had twin sons on the 15th of April.

May 2013 is pregnant with great things, make up your mind what you want to do in May and go for it, God will make all your good dreams come to pass and if they don't happen the way you want, know that all things work together for your good in Jesus name amen.

Note; May 2 is my biological mum's birthday and May 10 is my baby Sister's birthday. Both of them have been great blessings to me, so please join in praying for them, that the God that answers prayers will do marvelous things in their lives in Jesus name amen.

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