Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Yesterday March 11th was my birthday. Here is a post from my heart to mark a day of Walking according to God's purpose.

How do I start saying thank you to everyone that made my day yesterday with their messages on Facebook and blackberry. How can I say thank you to those that called from far and near plus those that sent text messages and emails to wish me a happy birthday.
Ambassadors of Nations, Presidents, Presidents wives, MD/CEOs of companies, Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses, General overseers, noble men and women plus institutions sent me messages yesterday. It got to a point, I was overwhelmed by the messages. Some made me laugh, some made me cry , some got me thinking deeply and I asked myself, what did I do to deserve such good will messages from these people? Some I have not not met physically except from our interactions on Facebook and blackberry, but yet they took time to send me messages that touched my soul. There were calls I received that made me cry and all I could ask was what did I do to deserve a call from this person and all I could think of was "PURPOSE and IMPACT"

As I pondered on the messages I received on my birthday, I saw a glimpse of my "death day" . The truth is I am not ready to die now because I know God's investment in me has not yielded enough dividend to give me the profit I deserve. Lol , but I asked myself, if I die now, who will miss me? Who will say, I was glad I met this woman, who will say, I gave my life to Christ through her or I became a better person as a result of my knowing her? So many questions in my heart, that all I ended up doing finally was to listen to Phil Driscoll singing All glory, all honor to God. His very unique voice and message gave me hope to think through my life.

This is my birthday message from God, I am sharing it because I believe someone here will take these words and be all God has called them to be. The message that came to my heart at the beginning of this month is found in John 5:1-15. It talks about the lame man that had an infirmity for 38 years. I have been pondering on this message for days until it hit me big time yesterday. The lame man at Bethsaida is like me, the man, had excuses why he could not walk, all Jesus asked him when he met him was "do you want to be made well? His question to me is Bridget, do you want to be all I have called you to be?
Do you want to be that writer that will touch lives with your words? Do you want to be that Producer that will bring the right content to radio/ television to change lives, do you want to be that speaker that will help people make and take the right decisions that will change their lives for good? Do you want to be that prayer/ intercessor that will change lives, situations on your knees? do you want to be the wise , worded, wealthy woman and  Prophetess that will make men and women turn from their wicked ways to righteousness? Then drop the excuses you have and walk! Stopping saying you do not have helpers and WALK! Bridget Walk! Walk and be all I have called you to be.

Mind you, as you walk, people like the Jews will  come to say its not lawful for you to walk the path assigned to you  because you do not have the right pedigree, you do not know the right people, you are not a man, so can not mentor men , you do not belong to their clique, so you cannot write, speak or be heard, but let them know I,  your Lord and Saviour , asked you to walk.

Walk into that marriage and heal broken hearts, restore homes, reconcile men to God, teach the truth that you know that sets men and women free..Bridget Walk! Walk and do not sin again by making excuses, do not sin by thinking you can not do all I have called you to do, do not sin by listening to discouraging voices both within and without...Bridget Walk!

This was my personal message but I know God wants me to share it and tell you to walk...walk and be born again, walk and become a better you, walk and bring healing to lives with the talent God has given you, walk and impact lives for good and for God. WALK dear People, Walk for God is with you. God bless you all as I await your testimonies of walking into your glorious purpose.

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