Wednesday, March 20, 2013


God's way is that we should develop and make progress daily. This can be seen from the book of Genesis chapters 1 and 2, where God created the earth and there was something new to add daily.

I am very passionate about developing and making progress daily. I believe in self development and wish everyone will spend time developing themselves, be you a man or a woman. I love to grow in knowledge and also love to help others grow, as i believe the saying that when we stop learning, we start dying, so to avoid dying, we must learn continuously.

I interact with people from all walks of life on a daily basis and one thing i have noticed is that a lot of people would rather spend money on non essentials than on things that are essential. People take learning for granted and rather than improve themselves, they will waste money on things that will not last. If you ask some people when last they read a book from cover to cover, you will be surprised at their answers. Some will not even attend free seminars not to talk of listening to educative and life transforming tapes. A lot of people have never paid to go for a training or learn anything new since they left school. They forget that “Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune according to Jim Rohn.
I become sad, when i give books  to people to help them with their challenges and discover, they never read the books but yet they desire change. They forget that every challenge shows a lack of wisdom in that particular area. My personal experiences show a lot of men take self development for granted. I believe as fathers and bread winners they need to develop themselves more to become leaders and role models in their homes and the society.

Every one of us need to step up our game and take proactive steps towards finding opportunities for our own development. As leaders in our various fields, we must take ownership of our own development in every way that will help us be the best in our field.  We must be geniuses in what we do, so that when people are looking for those to hire in our fields, we will be the first to get the job and get it done properly and on time building trust with our client or employer.This definitely will guarantee our jobs and a better future! To develop yourself, you must first have a desire for growth in your chosen field or career, and take actions to grow by doing the following: 1.Pay for a Seminar/Training in your area of specialty. Endeavor to do this twice a year or at least once a year. Do not wait for your company to train you. Most Nigeria company will not do that and with the current recession, a lot of companies are cutting down on training because of funds. So commit to training yourself.
2. Find a mentor to help you navigate your way through. A mentor will help you develop faster by making sure you reach your desired goals.
3.Commit to reading daily about an area where you want to specialize in. Go on the internet, buy books, borrow books from libraries etc. Improve yourself by all means.

4. Look for opportunities to learn in your community, church or volunteer  your services in training programs etc.
5.Teach others as you learn new things because as you do so, you retain what you learn. Do you know..Some of the top richest men in the world are school dropouts? Most of them have committed to self development and today..Professors and others pay to listen to some of them speak on their areas of expertise.  Prayer Point..Ask God to help you locate where you need to work on yourself in all area of your life and take actions.

Action - Challenge yourself by committing to learn something new per month.

Note; This is a note I did some years back to my men's group on Facebook called "Next Generation of fathers" I taught on this for two weeks. I am currently upgrading it to become a book. Join me in praying it becomes reality very soon and for those still waiting to read my first book, Fathers you must take the lead, I am glad to announce it will be in ebook format soon for you to buy and download. It's a book worth reading by every man and the woman that loves them.

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