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If there is one thing I enjoy doing, it's reading and developing myself. I call myself a self development addict. I am constantly reading and updating my knowledge plus taking actions that are physical and spiritual to better myself. My quest for knowledge has exposed me to uncommon mentors who, like me are always learning and using that knowledge to impact their lives and the lives of others.
I met Coach Alex Ihama by divine orchestration. Some years back, i saw a newsletter on my husband's phone and forwarded it to myself, I went further, to Coach Alex's website; www.theexhortation.com to read the inspiring words there. I was so excited about what I was reading, I searched for him on Facebook and connected with him. That singular act and connection is now a blessing to me as he has become my Coach, helping me to fine tune my gifts/ talents to become a better person.

Coach Alex Ihama, the author of the best selling book " Welcome to greatness will be in Lagos Nigeria on the 30th of March 2013. He will be talking to us about how to turn our passion to profit by being productive. He will be speaking with other notable speakers including yours truly; Bridget Elesin. This is one meeting you must not miss. Every speaker will be sharing from their personal experience to let you know, it's possible to be productive and turn your passion to profit.

There are two sessions to the Event. One session in the morning from 9am - 12pm is for aspiring and professional speakers. Come and learn what Coach Alex has learnt from international speakers like John C. Maxwell, Dr Myles Munroe and the late Jim Rohn. Come and learn how to inspire others to take productive actions through spoken words and how you can get the right certifications that will give you the edge over others in the speaking industry.

The second session is for everyone that wants to advance to their next level of greatness. Come and hear how your mindset affects your passion, productivity and profit. Some of the finest speakers I have ever had the opportunity to interact with will be there live! Come with your business cards and network.

The venue for the event is Sheba Event Center, 20 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way by Briscoe Ford motors before UBA and Sheraton hotel, Ikeja Lagos.

For attendance and sponsorship; call Olaitan on 08035394990, and Abee on 08052357570. It's not a free event but you can get a good discount if you are attending both event or if you pay before the end of this week. You will also get the opportunity of being part of the draw to get Coach Alex to mentor you as well as get a copy of his best selling book; welcome to greatness. Make that call, be there and also get the opportunity to meet me in person plus get to buy my book Fathers you must take the lead, at discounted rate, ( Remember, Fathers day is around the corner. Lol) Meanwhile enjoy my Question and answer session below with Alex Ihama, Speaker, Coach, Trainer, Consultant, Writer and President, Welcome to Greatness Inc. Canada.

Question 1. Who is Alex Ihama? Can you tell us about yourself?
Answer; [Alex Nosa Ihama] Alex
Ihama is a man on a mission, a mission to enable millions of people to
welcome greatness into their life. There is not much to me other than I am a
beneficiary of God's grace, a man with a story that is similar to that of
Apostle Paul.

2. Why do you do Life and Business coaching?
[Alex Nosa Ihama] In order to
help people welcome greatness into their lives. All that I am and have is
for the purpose of helping others to discover their purpose in life. This is
why I do Life and Business Coaching.

3. How did you discover your purpose in life and how can we discover ours?
[Alex Nosa Ihama] I discovered mine, after a series of unfortunate events in my
life. While my book, Welcome to Greatness, has all the details of how to
discover your life purpose, most people will eventually discover theirs
through pain. You go through challenges in life that you begin to question
life itself. And in the process, you either discover your purpose in life or
get farther away from it. I can only refer you to the stories of Zaccheaus,
the Ethiopian Eunuch, Apostle Paul, Martin Luther King Jr, Mother Teresa,
etc. Find a purpose that is larger than your life itself, and there lies
your purpose in life.

4. We heard you are coming to Africa after your long sojourn overseas, what
is the tour of Greatness all about?
[Alex Nosa Ihama] To help people
discover their purpose in life. It saddens me to know that Africa is still
considered a Third World continent despite the vast human and natural
resources in it. All the woes of this continent may be reduced to one issue:
People are yet to understand what greatness is all about; that it is not
about money, fame and power, but rather the little things we do for everyone
every day. The objective of the Welcome to Greatness tour is help people
discover their life purpose.

5. What was your inspiration for writing the book Welcome to Greatness?
[Alex Nosa Ihama] The need to spread the message of greatness beyond my
physical ability. To enable those in countries that I may never visit learn
about how to discover themselves. To ensure that even while I am long gone,
the message of greatness will live on. I wrote the book to encourage the
depressed, dejected, downtrodden, divorced, and yes, even the unborn.

6. How did you get the trademark of delivering messages that stick?
[AlexNosa Ihama] One bank executive came to me after a keynote which I delivered
to a group of business leaders and said, "Alex, I have attended seminars for
over two decades and have listened to hundreds of speeches, but you are
always delivering messages that stick". That feedback stuck with me and
always will, hence, my trademark.

7. Tell us five things that you know for sure
[Alex Nosa Ihama] 1. There is
a God and He is faithful, kind, loving, etcetera.
2. We were created for a purpose that is larger than us, and if whatever we are involved in will die
with us when we do, then we are yet to discover our purpose in life.
3. We will reap what we sow. You cannot sow orange and reap banana.
4. We can always be better and do better. We can be much more than we think, much more
that we can ever imagine.
5. There is no other way to fulfillment other than through Jesus Christ, by discovering and fulfilling purpose in life. Period.

8. Can you let us in to your secret of lasting success and greatness?
[Alex Nosa Ihama] What I referred to as "Absolute Power" in my book, Welcome to
Greatness. Absolute Power is strong belief in God, yourself and others.
Regardless of what life throws at you, keep Absolute Power in mind and your
success and greatness will outlive you.

9. What should we expect from your seminars and why should we come for the
seminar on Passion, Profit and Productivity [Alex Nosa Ihama] Expect to be
introduced to yourself, to discover the greatness within you, to learn how
to turn your passion into profit and to be inspired to welcome greatness
into your life. You will leave the event filled with awe of yourself!

10. Who are your mentors?
[Alex Nosa Ihama] Jesus Christ, Apostle Paul,
Nehemiah, Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln and Mother
Teresa. Others are DR. Myles Munroe, John C Maxwell, Stephen Covey and
the likes, with regards to faith, humility, wisdom.

11. Can you share with us your daily routine? Plus let us know how you have
managed to look so young and well?
[Alex Nosa Ihama] I believe age is just a
number so I don’t let it limit me. I run when I have to, play when I have
to, watch a movie when I have to. To hear the friends of my children say to
them that I am the coolest dad ever pleases me. I befriend little ones and
it keeps me youthful. While I recommend going to the gym and watching your
diet, I believe having a youthful mindset will add to your age. Perhaps, it
is why Jesus once advised us to be like little children.

12. Finally tell us something we do not know about you...share a
secret...[Alex Nosa Ihama]  I am a child at heart. I am often not as intense
as people think I am, because of the intensity of my messages. My secret is
that I have no secret. I respect the privacy and confidentiality of my work,
but my life has always been an open book. If you wish to know me better,
read my write-ups. If you still wish to know more about me, hang out with me
for only a few hours. The authenticity of my message is based on this way of

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