Monday, January 21, 2013


We all need to read this and take action. I am not exempted from what God is saying through me this day, I have to work on myself too, I have to work my salvation with fear and trembling. The message is clear, God help us to live for Him and to do of His will and good pleasure in Jesus name amen.

A lot of "Christians" have resorted to home made/ man made fire instead of God made/heavenly fire. Most church leaders have gone the way of Saul, to seek mediums to help them instead of God. Know this, that something is good does not mean it is God! That some churches are packed full now, does not mean God is there. Its time to discern, people of God, His judgement cometh! O man/woman of God, judgement cometh and God is starting with His people. His power has been limited because His true sons and daughters are not focused on Him and His divine assignment for them. They want the big church, the big name, they trust the words of their mentors more than they trust Him, God that made the so called mentors! God is calling us to repentance, asking us to discern, those that are His and those that have left the faith.

He will judge some of us by association, so be careful who you associate with, He will judge some of us by our words and some of us by our thoughts! He will not spare those that call themselves by His name, yet commit adultery, fornicate, steal, lie and do all evil He hates! He will show mercy to whom He will show mercy as some of us have continued in sin saying grace will abound! He forbids sin as He is a Holy God! Tell those you know living in sin without repentance and refusing to forsake all sin that the harvesters are ready to harvest souls that are living for themselves instead of God! He is ready to reveal and correct men/women of God He has warned repeatedly to abstain from sin/evil. God deserves true worship and praise. He wants to show Himself strong only if we can FOCUS on Him again! Selah

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